Building great relationships

September 17, 2020 BY

LifeChanger founder Scott Watters with Mike Sutton.

Times like these present an amazing opportunity to take stock! What’s really important comes into focus and often things we thought were critical fade out of view.

As the excess baggage gets stripped away, one area that has grown in stature is the importance of the quality in our relationships and, the link to our quality of life.

Commit to great relationships and you’ll find yourself living a great life! And becoming that great human connector isn’t as hard as you think.

Seven simple principles to build great relationships with your family, people in your tribe and even with yourself (now that’s a big idea). So here we go:

Be first to say ‘Hello!’ when you encounter another person (it takes courage because we’re all scared of rejection). Be kind first!

Smile more – it’s a weapon of positivity, it will open people up to you; lasting impressions are made in the first few seconds. A smile costs you nothing.

Remember names – it shows you care and respect them when you do.

Look people in the eye – present to them fully, proudly and openly.

Listen more, talk less – listening shifts the focus to them. It shows you are interested, engaged, open to learn.

It also shows humility. Listening isn’t just a rest until it’s your turn to talk. Say less, engage more.

Compliments are free – elevate someone else, see the best in them and call it out. Always leave someone better than you found them. Give more, take less.

Everyone is equal – treat everyone like royalty, be consistent. Give the same energy and focus to all, regardless of standing, age or difference.

There’s nothing complex about

the 7 principles. Most great concepts are basic and fundamental. Master these fundamentals and the quality of life you are after, will actually find you.

Stay safe!

Scott Watters

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