Capturing magical moments in time

October 23, 2021 BY

Photographer Linda Gorfol has a golden rule of never deleting any of her photos.

Through experience the Torquay creative has learned there can be treasure hidden within the pixels of a previously discarded image.

This approach speaks to Linda’s passion for post-production and her dedication to constantly challenging herself through learning new techniques.

“I absolutely love post processing – it’s my way of meditating,” she says.

“I love playing with editing. Every time I develop a new editing skill, I test it on my old photos and I can’t believe how a new skill can transform an old photo, which I would have considered useless several months ago.”


Easterly Winds by Linda Gorfol.


Linda and her fiance, Dan, moved to the Surf Coast in 2018 just after she had completed her project management studies.

While she did not want to continue with any formal education, she was keen to build on her skillset and pursue new interests.
Her choice of hobby proved to be the ideal fit for the ocean-loving European and also a refuge during the difficult times.

“Long story short, I bought a camera – an entry level DSLR,” she explains.

“I was always interested in graphic design and creative stuff so buying a camera seemed like a good way to start.

“Later that year my family went through some rough times and editing photos became my only happy place for many months.

“Then I started thinking how amazing it would be to be able to do something that makes me happy in hard times as my
main job.”


Perfect Lines by Linda Gorfol.


A year after buying her first camera Linda invested in professional equipment and her hobby became a successful side hustle.

“I always wanted to run my own business. I dreamed of being that person with a laptop in a cafe working on their dreams,” the 31-year-old says.

“I have a full-time job, so photography takes all my free time.

“Once photography is my main source of income, I would love to get back to teaching kids sailing.”

For now she is looking forward to her first exhibition which is being held at Provenance Wines in Geelong from December 2 to March 14.



Linda describes her style as “soft, feminine, full of pastel colours and textures” which is reflected in her stunning coastal landscapes and candid outdoor portraits.

“I mostly enjoy shooting with natural light,” she says.

“You will probably never see an over-styled studio newborn shoot in my portfolio.”

She says seeing images pop up on the computer screen as they transfer from her camera is a joy.

“I have butterflies in my stomach and I’m as excited as a kid before opening Christmas presents.

“Even when I’m starving after an early morning shoot, there is no way I would make myself breakfast before checking the photos on a big screen.”



The ocean is a constant source of inspiration and, particularly during lockdowns, Bells Beach has been her favourite location to shoot.

Her love of the sea is something she regularly shares thoughts on with her social media followers.

“The ocean is amazing and the most fascinating thing for me,” Linda writes on one Instagram post.

“I have a huge respect for it and love its beauty when it’s calm or crazy.

“I was born in a land lock country in the middle of Europe and very early on I started making plans how to move and live near the ocean.

“And now the ocean is at the end of our street and I am so grateful for it.”


Her favourite shot is one she called ‘Blue Lines’.

“That one took me the longest to edit and I had quite a few very good photographers messaging me asking how I created it,”
she recalls.

“Matt from Bells Fine Art who prints my photos told me to keep it a secret.

“This photo is one of four hanging in Frontbeach Taphouse on The Esplanade if you want to see it in person.”

Linda says local photographers Ash Hughes and Britt James are fellow creatives she looks up.

“They both are very talented photographers and very good in the business side of this industry,” she says.

“I never told them but it meant the world to me when they started following me and liking my photos as I followed them long before I got my first camera.”

Linda and Dan lived in Melbourne for four years before moving to Torquay to “experience a true Australian surf lifestyle before moving back to Europe”.



After two weeks they knew they wanted to stay for much longer than one summer.

Linda says what she loves most is the people.

“I love how Torquay is something like a capital of creatives. It is amazing to be surrounded by like-minded people,”
she says.

“We don’t have kids yet, so lockdowns were really relaxing times for us.

“I absolutely loved Torquay on warm sunny days without crowds.

“I also dedicated every lockdown to learning a new skill, and since we have quite a few of them, I’ve learnt a lot in the last year-and-a-half.

“We are very happy that we decided to stay.”

To discover more or buy Linda’s prints visit the website and follow her on Instagram @linda.gorfol.

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