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Fly through the air and learn new skills on the trampoline at BOUNCE in Grovedale.

School Holiday Fun Guide – Special Feature

BOUNCE offers a range of adventure-challenge features for teenaged free spirts, high energy pre-schoolers, freestyle athletes and adrenaline hunters of any age.

The Grovedale centre is an awesome adrenaline playground full of trampolines, climbing walls, airbags and adventure challenge features.

There’s also a giant dedicated playground for junior jumpers and a cafe to refuel as you go.

Since opening its first venue in Melbourne in 2012, BOUNCE now has more than 25 venues across 10 countries worldwide.

BOUNCE runs fully hosted kids’ parties and they have recently introduced the BOUNCE Freestyle Academy coaching program for those who want to learn transferable movement skills that can be applied to a range of action sports of life pursuits.

The Freestyle Academy develops a blend of balance, coordination, and agility in a way that focuses on fun, creativity and self-expression.

BOUNCE is now taking enrolments for term 3.

Geelong venue manager Michelle Esmore said BOUNCE was all about helping every visitor “discover the magic of freestyle”.

“Doing all these fun action-adventure and adrenaline challenges at BOUNCE is ‘magic’ in two ways,” she said.

“It’s a magic feeling because it’s fun and you get a real sense of freedom and adrenaline when you fly through the air and bounce off the walls.

“But it’s also magic because kids are so busy having fun, they don’t even realise they are ‘exercising’.

“In a world that’s full of digital devices and screen time, this is a place where kids are moving their bodies and creating a positive relationship with physical activity for an active life.

“Kids love it and parents know it’s good for them. That’s magic!”

BOUNCE aims for its venues to become a loved destination for families, schools and young people of any skill level.

Kids come to BOUNCE to learn new skills, awaken confidence and just let go.

The objective is to inspire everyone to forget the serious stuff for a while and get immersed in a healthy atmosphere of active fun.

BOUNCE is also obsessed with customer service.

The company openly shares that it searches the world for the most passionate, friendly and inspiring staff to help deliver a truly awesome customer experience.

BOUNCE hosts are trained around the brand’s philosophy of inspiring movement, self-expression and human connection.

“The world is facing some big challenges that stem from physical inactivity and social disconnection,” Michelle said.

“We have seen the positive power of our staff to inspire young people to move their bodies, express themselves and connect with each other in ways that can have a transformational impact on their lives.” BOUNCE is located at 3/174 Torquay Road, Grovedale.

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