Come to dinner with TTT

May 26, 2022 BY

The cast of Thirty-Three in rehearsal.

You are invited to Saskia’s 33rd birthday party in Torquay Theatre Troupe (TTT)’s coming energetic and vulnerable interpretation of Thirty-Three, a comedy- drama penned by playwrights Michael Booth and Alistair Powning.

Everyone knows that your 30s are the time for settling down.

For many people the time of wild parties and experimentation is over, and people have plans; they have careers and houses, they go on cruises and are starting to think about babies.

And they have fun, intimate dinner parties with a few close friends where life can be celebrated over a few beers or a couple of wines.

Well, that’s what Saskia (Melissa Langly) had planned for her 33rd birthday. That is, until her absent brother Josh (Kerrin Whiting) turns up and Tim (Lachlan Vivian-Taylor) brings his random friend Lachlan (Ethan Cook), and a few bags of additional supplies.

Throw in a little more drama when Lily (Alexandra Boston) arrives and Maya (Kelly McConville) forgets to do something important, and the stage is set for an entirely different party.

Good music, dancing, emotions, and a tad of debauchery ensues with a few hard truths coming out along the way.

Thirty-Three is an entertaining exploration of life and love, relationships and responsibilities, and the different ways we each cope when life doesn’t always go to plan.

It is a celebration of home, of relationships, of being in one’s 30s, and all the joys and challenges that lie therein.

Director, Skye Staude, recalls how much she loved Thirty-Three when she saw it performed in Sydney 10 years ago and the additional meaning the play provides in the current social context.

“After two years of lockdowns and not being able to be with those we love, I think the timing of putting on this play will bring audiences right back into the nostalgia of this time in their lives.”

Skye, in her directing debut with the Troupe, values her cast of “hilarious and big- hearted individuals” who embrace her vision of bringing energy, courage and a little bit of naughtiness to the stage.

In true TTT form, Thirty-Three features both familiar and new faces in a play that is sure to appeal to regular audiences while attracting a new crowd of local theatre goers.

Thirty-Three will be performed between June 2 and June 11, 2022, at Shoestring Playhouse at The MAC, 77 Beach Road, Torquay. Don’t miss out on a seat. To book, head to trybooking.com or follow the link on TTT’s website ttt.org.au