Exploring the benefits of Bowen Therapy

May 28, 2022 BY

A sincere desire to help people is what led Mardi Andrews to a career in Bowen Therapy.

The owner of Bowen With Mardi says she was drawn to Bowen in particular after seeing the profound results it had on members of her family.

“My family has always loved Bowen but it wasn’t until the last few years that I realised I wanted to become a Bowen Therapist,” she explains.

“When you see your loved ones experiencing comfort and relief following Bowen, it is extremely special and heart-warming.

“My Mum and Oma are two amazing women who inspired me to become a Bowen Therapist so that I can help people achieve the positive health and well-being they deserve.”


Mardi Andrews from Bowen with Mardi which operates out of Torquay.


Bowen Therapy is a gentle soft tissue technique that promotes relief from musculoskeletal and neurological related complaints.

Treatments are non-invasive and treat the body as a whole, as well as addressing the specific point of injury/pain.

After a series of two to eight moves, there is an important wait time of a minimum of two minutes.

“This time allows the body to acknowledge and respond to the stimuli. Bowen mainly works with the nervous system, which influences all other systems to create alignment in the body,” Mardi says.

“Bowen Therapy is a way of ‘resetting’ the mind and body to promote healing from within.

“The comfort of my client is paramount.

“If you are unable to lie down, the treatment can be done whilst seated or with the client laying on their side. Bowen can be done through light clothing.”

Mardi says Bowen is beneficial for all ages from babies to the elderly, including pregnant women.


Bowen Therapy is a gentle soft tissue technique that promotes relief from musculoskeletal and neurological related complaints.


She sees people for a wide range of conditions, but the most common ailments are lower back and hip pain, stress and headaches, and neck pain.

“I love helping people and seeing how happy they are when their pain has been relieved.

“Seeing the progress and improvement my clients have even after one session drives me every day to be the best Bowen practitioner I can be.

“It is non-invasive and I use evidence-based research to build my knowledge and practice.

Mardi says Bowen can be used to treat and promote better mental health.

“From social media, to work and school, and now COVID-19, the stress rates of Australians have increased dramatically over the past few years.

“Stress is a part of life, but only you can acknowledge and control it yourself.

“There are tools to help manage our stress levels. Bowen Therapy is a gentle technique that focuses on relaxing and re-setting the mind and body.

“If you want a gentle way of healing from injuries and pain you should give Bowen a go.”

Bowen With Mardi operates out of Coastal Balance Physiotherapy at 2 Haystacks Drive, Torquay, on Fridays from 7.30am to 7.30pm.

For bookings phone 0493 027 509 or email [email protected]. Follow her journey on Instagram