Exploring the imbalance in the world

June 29, 2024 BY

Claire Collins' first exhibition Equilibrium features a series of paintings around the world's imbalances. Photo: ANTHONY POLIS

Artist Claire Collins is debuting her first collection of paintings at Torquay’s Hoop Gallery.

Opening at the gallery on June 13, her work features a series of paintings titled Equilibrium and explores the imbalance in the world.

“We choose how we engage with the world around us,” Collins said.

“I see a world that has lost its balance, and I hope my work counters that.

“I have always been interested in politics and I started painting to amplify my thoughts about our world’s challenges hoping one day I would have a voice through my art.”

The artist is a world-wide publishing manager of greeting cards and has travelled the world for 30 years working on various publishing projects.

“My work is simplified, raw and uncomplicated with an appreciation of colour, light and texture to remind us that so much is beautiful in the world and there are those in the world who aren’t fortunate to enjoy the things we often take for granted,” Collins said.

Collins has published greeting cards in Myer, David Jones and the Contemporary Art Gallery of NSW and has licensed and art directed the work of many artists.

Hoop Gallery president Virginia Aldred said the gallery was honoured to showcase Collins’ work.

“Claire is a mature-aged artist turning to her passion of painting following an extensive career in greeting card publishing,” she said.

“Claire’s body of work at Hoop Gallery explores the simple and unadulterated beauty of colour and texture through loose abstract shapes in her interpretation of our world’s imbalance.”

Collins is grateful the gallery has given her the opportunity to share her work and said the Surf Coast was her happy place.

The exhibition runs until July 7.

For more information, head to hoopgallery.com.au