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Flooring can make a make a big difference to how the home can look and should never be an afterthought. INSET: Lighter coloured floors require less upkeep and disguise marks more effectively. Photos: SUPPLIED

Beautiful interiors are built from the floor up.

The colours, textures and tones placed underfoot have a profound impact on the rest of the home; they are the foundation upon which all colour schemes unfold, influencing everything from paintwork and furnishings to final styling and decoration. When it comes to styling spaces – whether that’s in the kitchen, living room, bedroom or study – flooring should never be an afterthought.

Lighter coloured floors require less upkeep and disguise marks more effectively.


With industry-leading flooring specialists Kustom Timber, homeowners have an infinite selection of highly customisable flooring options at their fingertips. Blending quality with style, the Australian company manufactures premium engineered timber flooring from responsibly sourced, solid European oak. Not only are their floors hardwearing and built to last, they’re also designed to suit a breadth of interiors, from traditional through to contemporary-style homes.


With more than 30 unique shades and finishes available across five distinct collections, ranging from blondes and greys through to darker, earthier tones, Kustom Timber is helping customers create homes that reflect their individual personality and lifestyle. Their lighter-coloured options, including Beach House, Alta and Calypso, are particularly popular, because they create sunny, refreshing atmospheres and the illusion of light and space. Blonde, beige and cream-coloured floorboards are the perfect way to open up small or naturally dark rooms, especially in apartments, townhouses and smaller residences. They also serve as a timeless, versatile styling solution, complementing a range of design features and interior themes and effortlessly harmonising with their surrounds.

Lighter colours are also a fantastic option for high-traffic areas of the home, or homes with young children or pets. Compared to dark floorboards, they require much less upkeep. While marks and scratches are inevitable, light floors disguise marks more effectively and maintain their immaculate appearance for longer, making them ideal those who prefer low-maintenance floors.


Richer, earthier timbers should not be overlooked, however; mahoganies, chocolates, tans, and deep blacks are timeless classics, creating warm, comfortable spaces that feel homey and lived in. Although these darker colours are typically suited to larger rooms with an abundance of natural light, they can be contrasted with bright walls and rugs, medium-toned furniture, strategically placed mirrors, and bursts of colour in the form of crockery, place settings and décor. This helps to create a more refreshing and inviting atmosphere, even in smaller spaces.

Black Japan, Le Cru, French Chateu and Moroccon Sunset are just a few of Kustom Timber’s striking dark timber options. While they do require a little more effort in terms of upkeep – a weekly vacuum and mop, along with regular use of a non-toxic wood cleaner – they are well worth the effort, serving as a beautiful statement feature within the home that adds depth, character and a touch of drama.


For something bolder than blonde but more discreet than black, Kustom Timber’s selection of greys offers homeowners a happy medium. Nordic Blonde, Hermitage, Western Port and Storm are particularly beautiful; soft yet sophisticated, these easy neutrals are wonderful base colours that benefit a range colour schemes.

Whether they’re used to complement a minimalist, Scandinavian style, or an eclectic interior filled with vibrant colours and eye-catching artworks, Kustom Timber’s grey floorboards will exude style wherever they’re placed.

Whatever your lifestyle, the solution lies at Kustom Timber Geelong. With their diverse range of shades and finishes on display, homeowners can find the perfect flooring to complement their space.

For more information, phone the Kustom Timber Geelong at 4206 0134 or head to kustomtimber.com.au 

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