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November 11, 2021 BY

Berkowtiz Furniture are here to help you change up your space.

Sick and tired of your furniture? You’re not alone

At Berkowitz, we’re hearing it from all over. After spending so much time at home, it’s time to hit the refresh button. So, if you need a change in your bedroom, dining room, lounge, or study, we are here to help.

Here’s a simple exercise for you to try. Stand in the middle of the room and observe your space, while considering these four key aspects.

Give your space a different feel by introducing materials of varying textures. Sofas and chairs featuring natural materials such as leather, timber or linen add warmth – especially if the furniture is in warm-toned colours such as caramel, brown or terracotta. Conversely, coffee tables and dining tables made from marble, steel or concrete give an edgy, industrial look with their smooth tabletops, cool colour palettes, and sharp edges.

It can make all the difference to how your space feels. Bright, overhead lighting adds energy to the room and makes colours pop. Dimmable floor and table lamps project soft light upwards, which mutes bright colours and makes the room feel calmer and more relaxed.

You can refresh your space all year round by changing the colour palette of your accessories. Cushions, throws, and rugs can be easily swapped out but have a huge impact on your space. Ensure that your key furniture pieces are in neutral colours so no matter what palette you choose for your decor, you’ll always have a good foundation to build on. We recommend a bedhead, sofa or chairs in earth tones like grey, cream or brown.

Love the pieces you already have? A simple way to refresh your space is to play around with the arrangement of your furniture. First, put your plants, decor, and smaller furniture to one side. Then choose the key piece that will anchor the room. Try out a few different placements. Once you’ve chosen its new position you can add the remaining elements one at a time. You’re guaranteed to feel like you’re in a new space by the end of the day!

So hit refresh – and breathe new life into your home. If you need some help from us, or if you’ve decided you need a new piece to complete your look, come and see us in store.

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