Keep things sane.

July 21, 2022 BY

Treat your "me time" with the same priority you're giving to work.

Overwhelmed? Stressed? Fatigued?

It might be time to take stock, strip things back and keep things simple!

The average person makes about 40,000 remotely conscious decisions each day. While many are easy, “decision fatigue” is a recognised form of stress that can build quietly and reduce your energy to perform at your best. By

making better decisions and streamlining the process you feel sharper, happier and will have more time to do the things that really matter.

Here’s seven easy techniques you can start today for better mental and physical health.

Set up your day!

Create a morning ritual that gets your morning off to a positive start. Prepare the night before, lay out your clothes, pack your bag.

Set your alarm an hour earlier than you need and start your day with purpose. Go for a walk, visualise your goals. Start the day with purpose!

Prioritise you!

Treat your “me time” with the same priority you’re giving to work. Block it out in your calendar and don’t sacrifice it.

Book in your gym sessions or time with friends. It’s up to you, to look after you!

Move early!

It doesn’t matter what it is but get moving early. Five minutes of stretching, a 10-minute walk, a swim or head to the gym, moving first thing in the morning, before the days gets busy – sets you up for success.

Manage your email!

Don’t become a slave to your inbox.

Sent up specific times to check your emails and a specific time to respond.

If you don’t set boundaries, you run the risk of losing control of your life. Studies show, the longer you spend on email per hour the higher your stress will be. Limit your communications checks to certain times of the day, for a set amount of time.

Say no!

Spreading yourself too thinly can impact the quality of your life, adding to stress and leading to exhaustion. Own your choices, get into the habit of saying “no”, prioritise and create space for what’s important.

Get off the phone!

We spend an average of 148 minutes on our smartphones each day.

Our minds are incredibly busy and it leads to feeling overloaded. Have periods of each day where the phone is off limits! You will survive without it!

List before bed!

People who write to-do lists, fall asleep faster and experienced a deeper sleep than those who left that task undone. Clear what’s on your mind, get it on paper and allow yourself to rest and recover!

Simplify your life and live better!

Infinite Possibilities,

Scott and The LifeChanger team