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June 24, 2021 BY

Sensei Gerard is passionate about empowering young people and wants to be able to share his experiences and skills to benefit those in the local community.

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The Japan Karate Association (JKA) was founded in 1949 and has grown into the world’s largest and most prestigious karate organisation with memberships in more than 100 countries.

JKA Geelong Shotokan Karate Club is the first to introduce traditional Japanese Shotokan karate to the Greater Geelong region, but is just one of the many local JKA clubs worldwide that promotes and encourages the spirit of traditional Shotokan karate as a means of character development and self-defence.

Karate directly translates to “empty-hand” in its English equivalent and is one of the oldest forms of Japanese martial arts.

One of the many benefits of starting karate is building confidence in oneself, developing a range of self-defence techniques and a sense of self-control or discipline.

These are all skills essential to assist with the daily challenges and opportunities faced in life.

At just 22 years old, Sensei Gerard opened JKA Geelong in April of this year in Armstrong Creek and Wandana Heights with the hopes of empowering as many individuals, but particularly young people, to be the best possible person they can be and reach their highest potential.

Gerard started karate as a beginner white belt at the age of 11 after being bullied as a migrant in his earlier years of primary school.

As he developed personal confidence and strong fitness levels, he was able to overcome his bullies and became an Australian National Karate Champion at his first Australian National Karate Championships in 2012 when he was just 13 years old.

Throughout the years he has competed in numerous competitions at local, state, national and international levels, including representing Australia at the 2014 US Karate Open in held in Las Vegas, Nevada, and more recently at the 2017 World Junior Karate Championships held in Limerick, Ireland.

Since then, he has made many new friends locally and internationally, developed personal confidence and travelled the world thanks to his parents’ decision to enrol him in karate.

Sensei Gerard is passionate about empowering young people and wants to be able to share his experiences and skills to benefit those in the local community.

“Apart from instilling discipline, Karate is also a great way for kids to stay safe, fit and healthy all while making new friends and gaining valuable skills essential for daily life,” he said.

“I’m excited to be able to share and introduce the rewards associated with the traditional style of Shotokan karate for the first time in the Greater Geelong region.”

Since opening the club in April, there have already been students enrolling from different walks of life, including students coming back to learn karate after many years.

JKA Geelong welcomes students with open arms in a COVID-Safe training environment.

Classes are held at Wandana Heights Tennis Club Hall on Tuesdays and at Armstrong Creek East Community Hub (Community Space 1) on Fridays from 6pm to 7pm.

Come along and try out your first free lesson at either one of their training locations, or learn more at jkageelong.com.


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