Long hot summer rolls on in Lorne

February 23, 2024 BY

Japanese kraut-rockers Minami Deutsch will take to the Lorne Theatre stage on March 10. Photo: SUPPLIED

Japanese psychedelic band Minami Deutsch will take to the Lorne Theatre stage next month as part of the Long Hot Summer series.

The kraut-rockers made their Australian debut in December 2022, playing at Meredith Music Festival and to sold-out venues in Melbourne and Brisbane.

With its groovy beats and dynamic live performances, it’s not hard to understand why the hunger Australian audiences have for Minami Deutsch only continues to grow.

Folk diviner and master songwriter Leah Senior will be the opening act.

The special live performance will take place on the Labour Day weekend (March 10) and forms part of Long Hot Summer, a series of free and ticketed live music, DJ and food experiences unfolding across Lorne’s newly formed cultural precinct.


The precinct is a collaboration between the recently refurbished Lorne Theatre – re-opened in December by the team behind Sydney’s Golden Age Theatre and Melbourne’s Rooftop Cinema – and neighbour, The Clam, the seaside tavern helmed by high-profile chef David Moyle.

Together they hope to unite locals and visitors alike around good music, food and drink in what they’ve dubbed a community at the end of the earth.

The Labour Day weekend event will also see a double venue takeover, with DJ Adriana serving up beats at The Clam for the tavern’s first Dolmade Parde, a mezze of food, ouzo, wine and music.

A double venue takeover will also take place tomorrow (Saturday, February 24) as The Clam hosts András and DJ People and singer songwriter Sweet Whirl performs a free show at the Lorne Theatre.

Chef David Moyle will be serving up his tavern menu at The Clam.


There will also be DJ sets from Darcy Justice and others on March 2 when The Clam hosts Seashells by the Seashore, a food event where both food and wine will be served in shells.

These weekend events follow the success of last week’s performance by Calexico, the first live music experience of the series.

“It was really great to see people coming to Lorne excited for the Calexico show, grabbing a bite and a drink at The Clam beforehand, then heading into the theatre,” Lorne Theatre’s Chris Barton said.

“It was a relatively early show, but still finished around 9.30pm, so people either continued on at The Clam or went home at a civilised hour.

“There is that option to choose your own adventure a little bit with the precinct, which is really great.”



The Long Hot Summer series will continue through to Easter, with more programming announcements to come.

Throughout, David Moyle will be delivering The Clam’s new tavern menu, filled with large dishes and signature items that celebrate the incredible food bowl that surrounds the town.

Barton said the theatre’s collaboration with the tavern had allowed the team to “provide something for everybody”.

“We’re seeing a younger audience coming along for the DJs, which is really great and it’s feeling very multi-generational.

“That to us is a real positive because it’s important for the younger generations, particularly living locally, that they can look around at what’s happening in their town or in their region and feel connected or inspired by it.

“We want to maintain that broad programming that speaks to all different interests and age groups.”

Calexico began the series with a bang last weekend with its performance at the Lorne Theatre. Photo: MATT DUNNE


Long Hot Summer will be first of many live event series to come, as the venue emerges as a multi-functional cultural destination at the heart of a re-imagined Lorne.

“Lorne has naturally always been really great in terms of infrastructure and community, and I think for various reasons, largely driven by the pandemic and tourism trends, the cultural aspect in the town has maybe had to take a backseat,” Barton said.

“But Lorne has always had quite a strong cultural leaning and somewhat bohemian past, and I think it’s just about bringing some of that back into it.

“It’s such a fantastic holiday town, as well as a place to live, and [we’re hoping to bring] entertainment into Lorne that can support and supplement the great food and beverage that’s already going on there.”

Across the series, there will be DJ sets from Tornado Wallace, DJ People, Darcy Justice and Sky High Trio, among others. Photo: MATT DUNNE


The team is already working on building a program of film, music and arts events for the the winter months.

“Music, comedy, literature, film. They’re all potentially life changing experiences, at an individual level but also at a community level,” Barton said.

“That’s why culture and the arts is really important to us.

“Our both day-to-day and long-term goal is bringing a smile to people’s faces.

“As we learn more about the buildings and the businesses and the community as well, we’ll continue to adapt and do the things that are going to bring that enjoyment and help build that community around creativity and the arts.”



For more information, head to lornetheatre.ourgoldenage.com.au