Make silly season the “smart season”

November 11, 2021 BY

Loan Market Geelong City won the Regional Brokerage of the Year award.

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The dates are flying off the calendar and it won’t be long until silly season invites start coming in.

It’s this time of the year when we reflect on resolutions we set last New Year’s Eve: losing kilos, learning French, taking the kids snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef.

This is also the time when we get struck by “the guilts” for not ticking off those goals.

But we shouldn’t stress. I think we can all award ourselves a do-over for 2021 after lockdowns and being separated from friends and family (2020 was meant to be a ‘do-over’ as well, but let’s not go there).

Now is when you should be setting your goals and ambitions for 2022.

At Loan Market Geelong City, we take so much pleasure in helping our customers achieve their financial resolutions. Whether it’s for a new home, an investment property, refinancing for a better rate, business, commercial, car or finance loan, give us a call and we’ll show you how our commitment and expertise can make your future goals a reality.

We put your best interests first.

That’s a promise and a fact. It’s a duty to our customers that we proudly and diligently uphold.

We promise this by:

Researching the market to find the right loan for you
Negotiating a competitive deal on your behalf
Lifting the weight off your shoulders by consolidating those niggling debts.

We save you time and hassle.

At Loan Market Geelong City, we have access to more than 60 lenders. We review the different products they offer, based on what you want and need, to make your financial decision a positive one. And we’ll provide you with these options within days. It’s all part of the customer service at Loan Market Geelong City that makes a real difference in your financial journey.

From the first meeting to settlement, we have an office-full of specialists who will:

Do the legwork for your application
Guide you through the entire process
Keep you informed at every step of the journey.

Your partner, always.

Since our managing director Sarah Thomson first opened the doors of Loan Market Geelong City in 2015, we’ve been privileged to enjoy strong relationships with all our customers. What often starts out as finding them a home loan that best suits their needs turns into the full suite of financial needs: a loan to buy a new car, investment property or business and plenty more. We have the specialists and expertise to help you in any way.

As your finance partner, we’re with you every step of the way, which means we’re:

On hand when you need it – we don’t close at 4pm!
Here for your today, tomorrow and future goals.

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