Metropolitan Plumbing Reveals The Most Common Plumbing Issues in Geelong

March 25, 2024 BY

Boasting more than 25 years of industry experience, Metropolitan Plumbing explores some of the more common plumbing dilemmas that Geelong locals might face

When it comes to household maintenance, as locals in Geelong, we often find ourselves dealing with a plethora of recurring plumbing issues. Paired with our unique coastal and riverine setting comes a set of challenges that can impact the plumbing systems of local homes. 

Boasting more than 25 years of industry experience, Metropolitan Plumbing explores some of the more common plumbing dilemmas that Geelong locals might face. Problems that may stem from the city’s unique environment and conditions. From the salty sea breeze to the diverse weather patterns, let’s look further into how these factors might affect your plumbing and what you can do to avoid these challenges. 

1. Corrosion from Coastal Climate

Yes, Geelong is renowned for its coastal charm, sweeping beaches and refreshing sea breezes. That goes without saying. But with those magical qualities comes one that is perhaps less magical – the likelihood of increased corrosion due to the salty air. And if there’s one thing that is highly susceptible to corrosion on your property, it’s metal plumbing pipes and fixtures. 

It’s an issue that is arguably more of a concern for homes closer to the shoreline, as they’re much closer to the proverbial firing line. However, it’s by no means an issue that homes located inland should ignore. 

If you’d prefer to not be dealing with corroded plumbing pipes and fixtures every few years, the best way to avoid it is to be vigilant with your plumbing maintenance. Regular checks and a call to Metropolitan Plumbing in Geelong when necessary are the best way to keep your plumbing systems in check.  

2. Weather-Induced Stress on Plumbing

If there’s one word to describe the weather patterns of Geelong, eclectic would be a good starting point. The city experiences both extremes – from scorching summers to chilly, wet winters, and everything in between. As it happens, these rapid temperature shifts can put significant strain on home plumbing systems. They can cause the expansion and contraction of plumbing pipes which, in turn, can result in cracks, leaks and compromised structural integrity. None of which are particularly ideal. 

Given the full temperature spectrum that Geelong experiences across the year, it’s vital that you use the most durable materials and effective preventative measures to keep weather-induced plumbing stress to a minimum. Not only will you safeguard your plumbing, but you’ll also have a working system that offers reliability and efficiency all year round. No matter what the season. 

3. Soil Movement Challenges

Another common obstacle that plumbing systems in Geelong homes face is soil movement. Across the city, there may be areas built on reactive clay soils. As the moisture levels of the soil increase and decrease, the soil naturally expands and contracts. This can result in underground plumbing pipes becoming misaligned or even damaged. For sewer and water services, this is obviously far from ideal, as shifting or cracks in pipes can lead to leaks or blockages. 

If you want to nip this issue in the bud – and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t – it’s crucial that your plumber uses flexible jointing materials and that you have them regularly monitor your underground pipes. This will help you reduce the negative effects of soil movement which, in turn, will aid in the longevity and reliability of your home plumbing. 

4. The Lure of Tree Roots

It’s hard to not be impressed by the lush, green trees that line Geelong’s rich landscape. In fact, we were just recently designated a Tree City of The World for the second year. But with trees come tree roots, and they have a funny way of penetrating essential plumbing pipes and sewer lines. 

Trees require moisture to thrive and survive. That should come as a shock to no one. But, unfortunately, an often easy source of the moisture they seek is the water contained within these pipes. As the tree roots grow, they stealthily invade the pipes to access the water. This results in significant pipe blockages that can affect everything from your water supply to your sewage disposal. 

Want the best shot at averting these unwanted tree root intrusions? There are two ways to go about it:

  1. Schedule regular inspections of your sewer lines with a licensed plumber to detect early signs of intrusion.
  2. If you’re landscaping your front or backyard, always consider the proximity of any trees in your property to your plumbing pipes to avoid root invasion from the start.

5. Ageing Infrastructure Woes

There are many older homes throughout Geelong, many of them boasting a charm and character that is steeped in history. Despite that charm and character, though, many of these older homes are also lumbered with ageing plumbing systems that have possibly not been updated in decades.

Ageing plumbing infrastructure such as pipes, fittings and fixtures, become increasingly vulnerable to wear and tear. A few bumps, breaks and cracks over the years and they become inefficient and ineffective with leaks, bursts and drainage issues becoming commonplace. As much as historical plumbing fixtures might enhance the appeal of some of these older homes, upgrading them to modern-day plumbing systems will only enhance the functionality of the home. 

Navigating Plumbing Challenges in Geelong

Here in Geelong, a city with a strong coastal allure and a vast range of environmental factors, plumbing issues are as varied as they are common. But though these issues may appear daunting, they are by no means unconquerable or even unavoidable. 

By adopting consistent plumbing maintenance practices and embracing innovative solutions, Geelong residents can effectively and confidently approach any home plumbing issues with minimal stress. And besides, Metropolitan Plumbing is only a phone call away!