Rejuvenating skin with LED light therapy

June 8, 2024 BY

LED light therapy has a range of benefits for people of all ages. Photo: ABBY PARDEW

LED light therapy is a popular pain-free, skin rejuvenating technique used for various skin concerns with a multitude of benefits.

The therapy promotes the regeneration of skin cells using different light wavelengths without causing any trauma to the skin.

Torquay Saltair Spa manager Rothea said the treatment was popular with their clients and many choose to combine it with other services.

“Each wavelength penetrates the skin at a certain depth, so it’s really good for people with wrinkles, fine lines and scarring, evening out the skin texture and tone.

“It can be used on its own as one component of a facial, but in most cases a lot of people like to add that into their facial as an enhancement.

The treatment can be used on people of all ages with different skin types, from teens through to those with more mature skin. Photo: SALTAIR


“It can be paired with adding a serum first then we use the LED so the serum can penetrate deeper into the skin.

“It’s a non-invasive treatment and it’s so good to add into your facial just to get more benefits out of it.”

Rothea said the treatment is used on people of all ages with different skin types, from teens through to those with more mature skin.

“It targets acne scaring, so especially with 18 year olds going through hormonal changes, they start to get more hormonal breakouts on the skin, so that’s really good for the skin.”

“The older generation, they’re more concerned with fine lines and the process of aging, with the LED therapy, it slows down the process.

The treatment is completely safe and pain-free, with Rothea likening the sensation of sitting under the lights to sitting in the sun.

Once under the mask, the treatment averages about 15 minutes and covers from the decolletage up to the head.

With results differing from person to person, most people will notice a difference after their first treatment, with continuous sessions needed for the best result.

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