Resilient stories told

October 14, 2023 BY

Seven of the eight Victorians with stories in Whispers of Resilience.

More than 20 authors across Australia with multiple sclerosis (MS) have collaborated on a new book that lays out the intricacies of living with the condition.

Whispers of Resilience – Our Stories of Multiple Sclerosis casts light upon the personal journeys of individuals living with MS, their families and caregivers.

The raw and heartfelt narratives of each of the 26 authors in the 350-page anthology highlights the courage and determination required to confront the multi-faceted challenges of this chronic neurological condition.

This inclusive perspective offers a comprehensive understanding of how MS impacts not just the diagnosed individual, but the entire support network surrounding them.

The book underscores the significance of empathy, understanding and unity when facing adversity.

Compiled by Geelong’s Justine Martin – who is also one of the authors – and published by her business Morpheus Publishing, Whispers of Resilience made its debut in Victoria in late September, marking the beginning of a series of launches across Australia.

In the coming weeks, the book will also be launched in Queensland and New South Wales, with a special virtual event to connect with readers from around Australia and the world.

Justine Martin holds a copy of the book she compiled, Whispers of Resilience. Photos: SUPPLIED


The authors and Morpheus Publishing are donating 25 per cent of the proceeds of sales towards MS research.

In Australia, more than 33,000 people are presently living with multiple sclerosis, a figure that has increased by 30 per cent over the past four years.

The 26 authors in the book are:

  • Emma Archer
  • Diane Barclay
  • Leanne Boothroyd
  • Allyson Brown
  • Amanda Campbell
  • Don Campillie
  • Angharad Candlin
  • Nina Crumpton
  • Lillian Cuba
  • Colleen Daniels
  • Laura Di Lulio
  • Kim Eagle
  • Jayne England
  • Penelope Gemmell
  • Candice Graham
  • Robyn Hart
  • Justine Martin
  • Stacey Metcalf
  • Elizabeth Neal
  • Kristi Paschalidis
  • Clare Reilly
  • Tanya Rountree
  • Kerrie Sculac
  • Lachlan Terry
  • John Van De Putt, and
  • Beth Wurcker.

For more information on Whispers of Resilience or to purchase a copy, head to resiliencemindset.com.au/product-page/whispers-of-resilience-our-ms-stories