Store success written in the stars

May 7, 2022 BY

Holographic washing machines filled with crystals, a mass of spell candles in every colour of the rainbow, giant refrigerators filled with eye-popping candy and rows of the cutest pastel pink shopping trolleys you’ve ever darn seen.

Sound like something out of dream? A movie set perhaps?

Not so. What is being described here can be discovered in real life – right in the heart of Geelong.

Welcome to Our Satellite Hearts – a one-of-a-kind “spiritual convenience store” nestled in Ryrie Street that is attracting shoppers from all across the country, no doubt because it feels like you’ve just stepped inside a gorgeous Instagram post.


Hayley and Matt O’Donnell from Our Satellite Hearts. Photo: HAILS & SHINE PHOTOGRAPHY


To quote Willy Wonka himself, welcome to a world of pure imagination.

The inspiring couple behind the latest incarnation of Our Satellite Hearts (OSH) is husband-and-wife duo Hayley – better known as Hails – and Matt O’Donnell.

They started with an online store before opening a small shop in Ryrie Street, expanding into a bigger shopfront in James Street and recently throwing open the doors to the stunning OSH 3.0.

It’s what they would describe as a natural progression rather than a meteoric rise to where they are now.

“When it all started back in the tiny, now demolished, Ryrie Street shop, we didn’t have an end goal in mind yet,” Matt, a professional photographer, recollects of where it all began.

“We weren’t even going to have a bricks-and-mortar store. We were just going to leverage my photography skills and make an online store.

“The little store just happened. And that’s essentially been how the business has grown so far—all just organically.”


Holographic replica washing machines are a photo favourite. Photo: HAILS & SHINE PHOTOGRAPHY


So, can they believe how far their business has come in between raising a young family?

“To be completely honest, we haven’t really spent a lot of time reflecting.

“It’s go-go-go for us day to day, between the shop and our fam and we’re generally too busy trying to make our way through the to-do lists.

“That said, reflecting right now, it’s really humbling.

“We love working together. We really just are a team. We tackle absolutely everything together, good and bad.

“For me, it’s really the joy of my life to help bring Hails’ vision for the shop to life.


OSH is a one-stop spiritual convenience store in the heart of Geelong. Photo: HAILS & SHINE PHOTOGRAPHY


“We’re also so lucky to have an incredible team of people helping us deliver on the many weaknesses we both have,” he adds, laughing.

They are now focused on their brand mission to “become the global leader and most adored retailer of beautifully curated new-age products”.

“Our mission is to aim to be a one-stop spiritual shop,” Matt explains.

“A new-age store like no other. We break down all the barriers to exploring spirituality by making it as easy and accessible as popping into your local convenience store.”


The new Our Satellite is located in Ryrie Street. Photo: HAILS & SHINE PHOTOGRAPHY


To help bring that vision to life they teamed up with Dot Dot Dash, a design and event agency which usually works on temporary activations and events.

“We loved their work and felt like there was massive alignment creatively and visually so we just hoped they saw that too and were up for the challenge,” Matt says.

Luckily they were and the collaboration has been a stellar success so far, attracting national media attention and bringing customers from around Victoria and interstate.

OSH has 253,000 followers on TikTok alone.

“Every weekend we get customers travelling from all over saying they saw us on TikTok and had to make the trip.

“TikTok has been an incredible marketing tool for us. The organic reach that is still possible on the app is crazy.

“It’s like 2011-era Instagram with the gone but not forgotten Popular Page.”


The popular Candy Corner. Photo: HAILS & SHINE PHOTOGRAPHY


Among the most sought-after items in-store are the pick ‘n’ mix tumbled stones at three for $10, as well as the huge range of incense and candles.

The themed mystery boxes (think abundance, prosperity, break-up or self-love) are also popular for gifts and offer around 30 per cent discount.

Next up for OSH is a range of custom soft goods, including apparel, which is due out in July.

In the meantime, it’s all about delivering on that amazing store experience customers can’t get enough of.

“We wanted people to step foot in the doors and be immersed in our world. A world of spirituality where you feel welcome. Where you’re greeted by the friendliest most helpful staff. Where you feel no friction or fear,” Matt and Hails say.

“We want you to be totally swept up and have a wonderful experience in the store.

“We want you to take selfies, to do a bunch of laps, to explore all the details, to meet new friends.”

Our Satellite Hearts’ new store is at 91 Ryrie Street. Discover more on the website, @oursatellitehearts on Instagram and on TikTok @oursatelliteheartsstore