Surf Coast artist helps usher in new dawn of exhibitions

August 8, 2021 BY

THE Big Boom and Boom Gallery based in Newtown has several exhibitions coming up between mid-August and early-September, including the work of one of the Surf Coast’s own.

Ingrid Daniell, the creator of Dawn Breaks The Heart of Dreamers, draws upon her own experiences throughout life, allowing it to inspire her work in the best representation that she can.

Ms Daniell identifies the human and instinctive need to connect to the land, to the ocean, to a natural environment and the landscapes that make up our identity from the past, present and future through her painting.

She paints the landscape as an idyllic folk tale in many of her works, reminiscent of a time and place when humankind had little impact.

The artist uses colour and a mix of textures to create magical, emotional landscapes, through stylised and abstract form and symbolic paint gestures.

“I find context in my painting by using the landscape as a metaphor for our fragile earth, the devastation of climate change in Anthropocene and our continued human need to belong,” she said.

“This exhibition shows Dawn as a paradox of waking to heartbreak and the sense of hope a new day brings.”

To Ms Daniell, dawn always feels like a sacred time, as it calls for reverence, awe, and yet for those who love to dream it, it is shook out of a blissful sleep.


Ms Daniell often idealises memories of time immersed in nature. However, when she connects to the moments surrounding a beautiful memory, there is often pain, discomfort and imperfection.

Some of Ms Daniell’s experiences include her time on the east coast of Tasmania, where there is a tea tree lined path that leads down to the rising sun, a reef, and the Tasman Sea.

She noted the sun gently rising fills her heart with childlike hope and joy, time suspends between dark and light.

“Stepping over shadows, I love to tread on the flickering waking sun’s light, the luminous glow of dawn, shadowed and golden, hopeful and welcome,” she said.

“I don’t always experience dawn; as dreaming and sleep an equal luxury for my tired mind; perhaps why dawn lingers in my memory ideal.”

Painting through the many lockdowns and the global pandemic has helped her to stay focused on the magic and beauty of the earth, further inspiring her to hold this upcoming exhibition.

Ms Daniell holds a Bachelor of Art in Textiles and Fashion majoring in Costume Design at RMIT.

She extends her love of colour, texture and drama, creating layers as she paints to build depth and dimension.

Her use of colour also complements the layers and form of the landscape shaped by weather and time.

The other exhibitions taking place at the Big Boom and Boom Gallery are Ren Inei’s Small Impressions and Ripple by Jen Tarry-Smith, Mali Taylor, Michael McCafferty, Liam Haley and Belinda Reid.

Boom and Big Boom Gallery’s event is sponsored by 6ft6 Wines and opening celebrations are being held on August 12 from 1-3pm.
The exhibit will run through until September 5.