Surfing trio stars in new documentary

March 20, 2024 BY

Using today's tools and cinematography, the documentary has been taken to the next level. Photos: SUPPLIED

The Trilogy: New Wave documentary tells the story of three professional surfers trying to balance their careers with friendships and a desire to rediscover the joy of surfing.

The 74-minute film is based off Taylor Steele’s original Trilogy film that was released in 2007.

Trilogy: New Wave, presented by Billabong, follows the lives of Ethan Ewing, Seth Moniz, and Griffin Colapinto.

Exploring their personal histories, motivations and individual philosophies, the documentary sees Ewing, Moniz and Colapinto take on with some of the world’s best surfers while trying to maintain their love of the sport.

Director Andrew McKenzie was on a surf trip of his own when he ran into the athletes.

“I ended up seeing some of the footage that they got from that trip and the idea just immediately struck me that there’s an opportunity to create a new Trilogy film,” he said.

The documentary follows the lives of three professional surfers as they navigate their careers.


McKenzie said it had always been a goal of his to work on a feature length film, and it was “a really cool experience.”

“What made me really want to do this was just getting to work with these athletes and telling their stories.

“I think they’re all unique and incredible talents and that much is obvious if you watch their surfing.

“What isn’t as obvious is just how good of human beings they are, and they’re all such good guys and really good friends.”

The documentary was filmed over two years, travelling to eight remote countries around the world, telling their story of success and friendship.

“The athletes really committed to the film and really put their all into it, and were surfing endless hours, seven-hour sessions to no end.

“They’re really getting out to some of the most remote areas of the world and really on our own for most of the film, so we became a really close unit and really close friends through the process.”

Trilogy: New Wave is based off Taylor Steele’s original 2007 film ‘Trilogy’.


McKenzie said the cinematography in this film and using today’s tools had taken the documentary to the next level.

“Telling the story of these three individuals and their personal stories and their trials and tribulations and really trying to give some depth to the film, so it’s approachable for a non-surfer as much as a core surfer would love it.”

Ewing was the 2023 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach champion and is a surf contender for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Colapinto is presently ranked number one in the World Surf League Championship Tour with Ewing coming in at number two.

Trilogy: New Wave will be screened at Reading Cinemas Waurn Ponds this Saturday, March 23, including a special Q&A featuring the tree surfers.

For more information and tickets, head to The Trilogy