The art of the side hustle.

October 28, 2023 BY

Outside of the Little Pantry Project, Paris Nigro works full time as a dental nurse and receptionist (PHOTO: DENTISTS & DOCTORS/FACEBOOK)

The Torquay-based Little Pantry Project and its founder prove hustle culture is alive and well.

For many of us, it’s a dilemma as common as the answer is illusive.

How do you pursue your passion and maintain financial security?

For 26-year-old Paris Nigro, the solution, so far, has been a simple one: start a side hustle.

By day, Nigro works full-time in Ocean Grove as a dental receptionist and nurse.



By night, at weekends and on the occasional rostered day off, she runs The Little Pantry Project, a passion-inspired venture intended to help individuals and families better maintain their kitchen spaces.

“I have a passion for organisation and helping others, so I thought I’d combine the two together and create The Little Pantry Project,” Nigro said.

“I am only in the early days at the moment, but you never know where it may go.

“My goal is to create long-term storage solutions and aesthetic looking labels to enhance [the home].

“I source high-quality, long-term products which are going to be sustainable.”

OXO containers have quickly become one of The Little Pantry Project’s most popular items. Photo: ELLIE CLARINGBOLD


At present, The Little Pantry Project offers a small range of essential pantry organisation and storage tools, including glass containers, baskets and custom labels.

But it is the bamboo bread box and OXO containers that remain the most popular items.

“Especially the pantry; it becomes one area that just accumulates things over time,” Nigro said.

“It gets to a point where people will just put it in the ‘too hard’ basket or [say] ‘I don’t have time for that’ and it can just become so overwhelming for some people.

She said, when this happened, the pantry could cease to be a place that sparks happiness or joy and begin to contribute to feelings of stress in the home.

Paris Nigro said it was a love of organising and a desire to help others that led to The Little Pantry Project. Photo: ELLIE CLARINGBOLD)


“Hopefully The Little Pantry Project can ease some of that stress and make walking into a home more joyful.”

Now in its fourth month of operation, the small business continues to move from strength to strength.

And Nigro is only just getting started.

As the business grows, so too will the Little Pantry Project’s product range.

Nigro even has plans to bring her partner, Tom, a qualified carpenter, on board.

She hopes they can combine their talents and begin producing more custom-made items, including wooden labels and storage baskets.

The bamboo bread box is one of The Little Pantry Project’s top sellers. Photo: LITTLE PANTRY PROJECT/FACEBOOK


“I’m looking forward to delving deep into [the business] and giving it as much time as I can,” Nigro said.

“We’re happy for someone to request something from us and we’ll do our very best to help them.

“[We’re] happy to hear others’ thoughts as well. If they want something custom-made, then we’re absolutely happy to help.”

Using her previous experience decluttering and reorganising homes, Nigro is also offering to do all the hard work for her customers.

“I’m definitely willing to go to people’s homes… and help organise people’s pantries,” she said.

“When…everyday you’re in the pantry, it’s going to be easier to use.

“You can clearly see where the flour is or where the cereal is. You won’t have to think about it and go through all the mess.”

The 26-year-old is excited to see how the Little Pantry Project evolves (PHOTO: ELLIE CLARINGBOLD)


However, for now this service will only apply to the pantry.

“The pantry is probably my [area of] expertise,” Nigro said.

“It’ll be an hourly rate that I charge, plus any products they may need or want.”

And for others considering a side hustle of their own? Nigro says “go for it”.

“While I’m still learning, go for it.”

“Why not? It’s all about trial and error and if it doesn’t work; well, life’s short.

“You may as well go for it and if you’ve got the passion then go live it.”

The Little Pantry Project operates through Facebook and Instagram.

Nigro is presently offering free delivery to those who reside in Torquay and Ocean Grove and is able to post items to addresses within Australia.

For more information, head to instagram.com/thelittlepantryproject or search for The Little Pantry Project on Facebook.