The colour-filled world of Lauren Green

December 3, 2020 BY

Photo: Leslie Carvitto Photography

Having a chat with artist Lauren Green is very much like stepping right into one of her colourful large-scale paintings.

The talented Winchelsea creative exudes the same positive energy as the works of art she creates.

Bright hues, delightful animals, colourful plants and rainbows all make regular appearances in the murals she paints for clients across the region.

And it seems her happiness-inducing works have resonated more than ever in 2020.

“It’s been the best year I’ve had in terms of artwork and being a painter,” Lauren says.

“I’m not sure if it is because of COVID but the last six months is definitely the busiest I have been in terms of murals.

“People are jumping on board and trusting me which is really good.

“I’ve been really lucky.”

Lauren’s murals, which take up to three days to complete, feature on the walls of cafes, breweries, shops, schools and even laundrettes.

The scale and the challenge that presents is what she enjoys most about creating her larger-than-life paintings.

“Murals are so fun – I just love doing them,” she says.

“At the start I did get a little intimidated but I think I have the confidence now to know that I can do it.

“It always ends up working out which is really rewarding.”

Lauren says a recent commission to create a giant rainbow mural for Torquay business Arizona Living is one she won’t forget.

“That was a full highlight – it was like a dream come true because I got to use a cherry picker,” she says, with a laugh.

“That was the best thing ever because at the start it was a ladder and the next thing was getting to scaffolding which was a dream achieved as well.

“But the cherry picker was the best yet because it means the murals are getting bigger and harder to do and I love that challenge.”

Lauren says she can’t remember a time when art wasn’t a feature of her life.

“It’s been a constant thing,” she explains.

“I haven’t studied art or anything like that – it’s just pure joy, I just do it for me.

“It’s not a chore at all and I’m really passionate about every project so I think maybe that’s the key.”

Lauren also completed another project recently that was particularly close to her heart when she returned to her former primary school, Holy Spirit in Manifold Heights, to work with students on two murals.

“It was a 10-week project and every single student got to participate somehow which was amazing,” she says.

“I went to that school and we did a mural when I was young.

“It’s a huge memory for me and hopefully it will be for these kids too.

“It was just so fun for them all to get out there and do something different.”

In fact, Lauren says the artistic approach taken by the kids has inspired her latest range of painted plant pots – a side project she has had for the past four years.

Under the brand name of Pot Girl, Lauren creates colourful pots which she sells on her website and the newly released Christmas range pays homage to what she learned by observing the artistic style of the Holy Spirit students.

Another creative outlet is painting portraits of people’s pet dogs and she has a knack for capturing their personalities on the canvas.

“I hate painting people and with animals you have more freedom, I think, to do what you want,” she says.

“I adore animals, especially dogs.

“I’ve got two of them – heeler cross border collies named Muddy and Moe who are sisters – and I’m obsessed.”

Lauren and partner Jared are excited to be adding to their family, with their first baby due in March.

Not surprisingly, the couple has collaborated on a mural which takes pride of place in the nursery.

Lauren says they can’t wait to raise their child in the regional community of Winchelsea after making the move there two years ago to renovate a home.

“We didn’t expect to stay here but we just fell in love with

it so much here,” Lauren says.

“It’s just so small and still has quite a charm.

“There’s heaps of tracks for walking the dogs and I just love being away from everyone.

“I couldn’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be living right now.

“Life is good here in Winch.”

Find Lauren on Instagram

@lozzzgreen and @potgirl__ and visit the website


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