What teens teach us about the world

January 20, 2022 BY

At LifeChanger, we are incredibly fortunate to work with thousands of young people across Australia and New Zealand and, through our work in schools and communities, we are constantly blown away by the insights and perspectives that young people present us with.

While our workshops are designed to help them make more sense of the world, it would be amiss of us to say that we learn nothing from them in return.

Because the truth is, if we’re open and willing, adults can learn just as much from teenagers as they can from us.

So – in no particular order – here are the top four lessons that we have learnt throughout my time working with young people:

They’re passionate about the future of the world – They approach the world with a passion, curiosity and idealism that unapologetically demands a better future. From climate change to gender and social inequality, they are not afraid to challenge the ways of the world by advocating for causes that they believe in

They are experts at keeping in touch – Being connected to others is incredibly important for our mental and physical wellbeing and, while we may not always understand their constant need to be on their phones, the truth is, teens are incredibly good at connecting and keeping in touch with those closest to them

They are resilient – While the past couple of years have proved to be incredibly challenging, young people have coped with the constant lockdowns and uncertainty of the world with a level of adaptability and resilience that is not to be underestimated, and

They embrace diversity – From sexual orientation, to gender and cultural identity, young people are noticeably more accepting of people’s differences and tend to embrace diversity in others in a compassionate and inclusive way.

These are just some of the observations we have made. Undoubtedly, there is so much more to learn. If we take the time to stop and listen, young people can teach us to look at our lives through a different, often refreshing, lens; and personally, I believe we don’t give them enough credit.

They’re passionate and curious and not afraid to question how we do things and, in doing so, force us to challenge our own values and beliefs. If we’re open and willing to listen, we’ll allow ourselves to see that young people have a voice and fresh perspective on the world that deserves our attention. Are you ready to hear it? I know we are!

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