Campaign asks shoppers to think local

March 12, 2020 BY

Strapper Surf owner Michael Di Sciascio.

LOCAL radio stations K rock and bay 93.9 are aiming to help local businesses in Geelong, the Bellarine and the Surf Coast by launching the “Store with a Door” campaign.

The campaign encourages shoppers to look locally rather than looking online.

President of Torquay Commerce and owner of Bells Beach Brewing Jeff Crow praised the initiative.

“It’s a brilliant idea. I think every bricks and mortar retailer will benefit from it,” he said.

The radio stations are promoting the campaign on air, as well as online and on digital billboards.

Geelong Broadcasters general manager Andy Mather said he felt the campaign could make a significant difference.

“We have the ability to impact a real change in thinking here; we understand the impacts the local economy is facing now and that’s where we can help.

“We understand that online shopping has its place, but we don’t think it should be at the expense of local jobs and the local economy.”

Strapper Surf owner Michael Di Sciascio says the onus was on businesses to provide a service online stores could not.

“The opportunity for people like me is to provide really compelling service and information and give people a reason to come to us over more generic offerings, which is generally what online is.”

He said online stores themselves were not the problem but rather a symptom of the problem.

“Online is not the big threat to bricks and mortar stores, the threat is the over-supply of retail in Australia. Online is just another retail competitor.”

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