Film night to showcase sustainable fashion

June 11, 2024 BY

'Fashion Reimagined' is the latest film screening to be hosted by Transition South Barwon. Photo: SUPPLIED

IN AN EFFORT to inform and raise awareness on the effects fashion has on the environment, Transition South Barwon are holding a community film night and clothes swap.

Fashion Reimagined is a documentary featuring fashion designer Amy Powney on a mission to transform how people engage with fashion, will screen later this month.

Mauricio Latino volunteers with Transition South Barwon and said the group chose this topic to bring some awareness to how much waste is produced in Australia.


Transition South Barwon host several workshops in their orchard. Photo: SUPPLIED


“We want to tell people what the situation is at the moment so we can change the way we approach fashion in the fashion industry and how we learn about alternative ways of still following fashion but in a more sustainable approach.”

Along with the film screening, there will also be a clothes swap, where attendees are encouraged to bring three pieces of clothing along.

Mr Latino said the clothes swap element of the night encouraged participants to create a culture of swapping and giving something another chance to be used.

“Normally you bring something that you really like but you haven’t used for a while.

“This way you make sure that piece of clothing goes to someone that cares, but at the same time, you repurpose it, you give it a second life.”

The free event provides community members the opportunity to connect with other like-minded people.

“We want people to understand and be aware of the current issue and of the power and responsibility consumers have in creating a more sustainable society,” Mr Latino said.

“We are encouraging everyone, but mostly the local community to come. We want to create that sense of involvement and commitment in these topics.”

Transition South Barwon are a volunteer group in the region exploring ways to create a more sustainable future with a focus on food security.

“Hopefully we can get people more involved in these topics and create an effect in the community in how to help the environment and transition to the future in a more sustainable way.

“That’s what we, as an organisation, try to do.”

The group have also created a community orchard in Grovedale where they host workshops and food swaps, along with a range of other programs.

The Fashion Reimagined screening will take place at Grovedale Neighbourhood House on on June 15 from 6.30pm until 9pm.

Those interested in attending are asked to book online at events.humanitix.com/fashion-reimagined-community-film-night

For more information, head to Transition South Barwon’s Facebook page.