Fire inspections to begin in Geelong

November 21, 2023 BY

The Country Fire Authority (CFA) is expected to announce the beginning of the formal Fire Danger period in coming weeks. Photo: SUPPLIED

FIRE prevention inspections will begin in coming days across Greater Geelong ahead of the beginning of the formal Fire Danger Period.

City of Greater Geelong Municipal Fire Prevention Officers will be completing inspections throughout the remainder of this year and into early 2024 to make sure the community has fire plans in place.

Under the Country Fire Authority Act, Council has a duty to protect life and property from the risk of fire, and all property owners need to be conscious of its dangers.

Property owners should ensure all grass, weeds, and other undergrowth on their properties is cut and maintained to a height less than 100 mm (four inches) throughout the declared Fire Danger period.

Properties should also be kept free of any other combustible materials such as dead branches, piles of garden refuse, timber, and cardboard.

Owners of rural properties where crops are not being grown or no livestock are grazing need to ensure perimeter fire-reduced breaks, of not less than six metres, are created.

Houses, sheds, machinery, and other equipment also need to be kept free of long grass and other materials representing potential fire dangers.

Greater Geelong mayor Trent Sullivan urged everyone to play their part in keeping the community safe this summer.

“We’ve all come to understand the dangers associated with the fire season, and reducing the risks involves everyone following advice and taking the necessary precautions, particularly with the increasingly hot weather,” he said.

“I thank the City’s Fire Prevention Officers for their proactive work making the guidelines clear; now I encourage everyone to respond accordingly.”

Further information can be obtained by contacting the City’s Fire Prevention Officer on 5272 4437