Geelong bowls club receives donor-driven solar

May 21, 2021 BY

189 panels have been installed on the roof of the City of Geelong Bowls Club through Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network. Photos: City to Surf Solar.

AUSTRALIANS have contributed up to $92,000 in donor funding to support the City of Geelong Bowls Club’s new solar installation.

Nationwide donations have allowed the provisions of an interest-free loan for the club to install 189 rooftop panels under the Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network (CORENA).

CORENA operates Australia’s longest running donor-driven revolving fund for climate action through renewable energy.

The fund provides not-for-profits interest free loans through receiving donations from interested citizens that collectively fund each project.

Donations are returned to the fund in the form of loan repayments, with the money repeatedly used to fund more projects that each reduce carbon emissions.

The City Geelong Bowls Club marks CORENA’s 41st project ,with the company providing over $800,000 in interest-free loans since first operating.

Chairman of the City of Geelong Bowls Club, Zane Lugg, is encouraging the community to support the interest-free initiative.

“The installation of solar greatly reduces our operating costs, which will benefit members, patrons and the community for many years to come,” he said.

“Additionally, the installation also reduces our carbon footprint which can only be a good thing.”

The major project was installed by local company, City to Surf Solar, and is anticipated to save $15,000 per annum meaning the system payback will be achieved in six years.

CORENA project manager Adam Karl said the savings will help the club facilitate affordable activities and events for members and the community.

“In addition to reducing carbon emissions, the 89 kW grid-connected solar system will lead to significant savings on the club’s electricity bill by reducing reliance on expensive grid electricity,” he said.

Applications and donations for new loans are welcomed on the website.

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