Geelong municipal monitors file final report

February 19, 2024 BY

The municipal monitors were appointed to the City of Greater Geelong for a 12-month period. Photo: CITY OF GREATER GEELONG

THE City of Greater Geelong’s municipal monitors have submitted their final report to the state government, marking the end of their 12-month term.

In February 2023, Minister for Local Government Melissa Horne appointed Prue Digby and Peter Dorling as municipal monitors.

Their task was to oversee the recruitment of a new chief executive officer for the City of Greater Geelong.

This decision followed recommendations from Local Government Victoria and the Chief Municipal Inspector (CMI) in January 2023, who advised appointing monitors to ensure the recruitment process was conducted with integrity and transparency.

The CMI had reviewed the City of Greater Geelong’s CEO appointment procedures, focusing on these key aspects.

Ms Horne said the appointments were designed to support the City of Greater Geelong’s transition “back to good governance” and guide it through the recruitment of a new CEO.

“Both Prue Digby and Peter Dorling have extensive experience, skills and knowledge to effectively guide the City of Greater Geelong to refocus on its community,” Ms Horne said at the time.

“Residents of Greater Geelong deserve a council that represents their needs. As the level of government closest to the people, councils play a vital role in communities across the state and it’s imperative they have a positive and inclusive culture.”

Municipal monitors, appointed by the Minister for Local Government, are called in when councils face governance challenges.

Duties include observing governance processes, advising on governance issues, and recommending further actions to the Minister. At their term’s end, monitors provide a comprehensive final report to the Minister.

The final report is before the minister and is yet to be shared with the city or made public.

It was announced late last week that Ms Digby had already been appointed as the municipal monitor for Moonee Valley City Council, tasked with enhancing its performance for the community’s benefit.

“The community of Moonee Valley should rightfully expect high standards from their council,” Ms Horne said.

“Ms Digby brings considerable experience in state and local government, and I look forward to receiving the final monitor report at the end of the six-month term.”