Great news for Humans in Geelong.

October 22, 2020 BY

Humans in Geelong members are excited to have received a state government grant

The state government has awarded Humans in Geelong a $31,500 grant for their 2020 online exposition, which is available for all Geelong and Surf Coast locals to enjoy.

It is one of dozens of activities to be supported through the Government’s Multicultural Festivals and Events program, which encourages 148 community organisations across Victoria to get creative and move their events online.

Founder and President of Humans in Geelong Jacqui Bennet said the grant is incredibly exciting.

“The grant allowed us to share and celebrate the cultures and traditions of multicultural groups and individuals in our community,” Ms Bennet told the Surf Coast Times.

“Our aim with the Humans in Geelong Online Expo 2020 was to create and host a diverse range of videos from creatives, musicians, artists, changemakers and community groups from our region so people can reconnect, listen to mental health messages of hope and resilience, find joy and support.”

The Humans in Geelong Expo 2020 premiered virtually on October 11 and featured over one hundred culturally diverse videos from musicians, artists, creatives, changemakers and community groups.

The 120 videos can be watched anytime on the Humans in Geelong YouTube channel.

“Humans in Geelong are a team of volunteers who aim to inspire, connect and strengthen the community by telling the stories of diverse locals who are making a difference,” Ms Bennet said.

“The state government grant is important because it is an acknowledgment of all the tireless volunteer work that we have undertaken and the amazing individuals and groups that we feature.”

State Member for South Barwon Daniel Cheeseman awarded the grant last week.

“This is great news for Humans in Geelong and means the pandemic won’t mean a stop to the traditions and celebrations we’ve come to expect and enjoy,” Mr Cheeseman said.

To watch any of the 120 videos from the Humans in Geelong Online Expo go to their YouTube channel: https://www. youtube.com/channel/UCFm8RuKjt_i- gzHj5IRfDmg.

For more information on the Humans in Geelong Online Expo 202 head to their website: https://humansingeelong.com/humans-in-geelong-online-expo-2020/.