High-risk drivers targeted in state’s west

May 28, 2024 BY

Highway patrol units were in force as part of Operation West Connect. Photo: FACEBOOK/VICTORIA POLICE

MORE than 150 offences were detected by Victoria Police in Operation West Connect as highway patrol units were in full force in the state’s west.

Units focussed on major arterial roads in the area as they targeted high risk driving behaviour in what will be an ongoing operation.

60 per cent of offences recorded were for speeding, while police conducted more than 550 preliminary breath tests.

Western Region Road Policing Inspector Justine Ryan said they are doing everything they can to drive down road trauma in the region.

“Speeding on regional roads continues to be a major contributing factor to serious injury and fatal collisions.”

“And yet it’s evident so many motorists are not heeding the warnings as we are continuing to detect far too many people speeding.”

Ms Ryan is urging drivers to slow down and stick to the speed limits.

Along with speeding a number of other offences were also detected including unregistered vehicles, drivers using their mobile phones, drug and alcohol affected drivers and more.

There have been 104 lives lost on Victorian roads this year, including 28 of those in the Western region.

The operation takes in areas from Geelong all the way to the South Australia border, including across the Surf Coast.

“Operation West Connect is an ongoing policing initiative and motorists should expect to see police out enforcing across major arterials in Western Victoria,” Ms Ryan said.

As the operation continues, police will focus on detecting speeding, distracted and impaired drivers.