Landy Field rejuvenation plan off and running

February 8, 2024 BY

The John Landy Athletics Field is a much-loved community facility and plays host to a suite of sporting clubs each week. Photo: SUPPLIED

THE City of Greater Geelong council has approved an application for $5 million of state funds for the rejuvenation of the John Landy Athletics Field during its first meeting of the year.

The funding plan for the project includes a request for financial support from the State Government’s Council Support Program and another $5 million from the city’s 2024-25 budget for the Landy Field Pavilion project.

Cr Eddy Kontelj said the investment was important.

“This $5 million, plus a precommitment of $5 million from the council, is much needed to be able to upgrade the facilities.

“As we are well aware, there is not one sporting group that benefits from Landy Field; it’s the entire community.”

Proposed upgrades include improvements to the pavilion, multipurpose and administrative areas, social spaces, the athletic track, and other facilities to support community activities.

The field is named after John Landy, an Olympian who in 1954 became the second person to run a mile in under four minutes and later served as the Governor of Victoria.

It is the only world-accredited athletic track in western Victoria.

The funding is part of a broader Victorian government initiative designed to support local government projects that deliver long-term benefits to communities, similar to those that would have been expected from hosting the 2026 Commonwealth Games in Regional Victoria if it had gone ahead.

The initiative offers up to $5 million to the councils of hub cities such as Geelong to help fund projects that do not require co-contributions.