Les Misérables a success in Geelong

June 22, 2022 BY

Les Misérables wrapped up at Costa Hall on Saturday evening.

LES MISÉRABLES at Costa Hall has gone down as a major success with theatre company CentreStage enjoying the spoils of a thrilling campaign in Geelong.

The international award-winning theatre show that has made headlines all over the world to 65 million people, brought groups in their thousands into Costa Hall over the eight-day show period.

The production returned to Geelong with a new creative team and cast at the helm, as CentreStage enjoyed a positive response from the local community.

The Costa Hall shows were close to sold out every night with over a thousand people turning up to each show.

CentreStage managing director David Greenwood was rapt with the strong response that Les Misérables commanded, alluding to the fact that Geelong and its people are certainly ready and wanting big theatre productions.

“Attendance at all our shows has been up around the thousand mark which are big numbers for amateur and community theatre productions,” Mr Greenwood said.

“To have that many people on their feet watching the production and supporting the community theatre scene gives us a lot of confidence that Geelong can and will become a hub for big music and theatre productions.”

Whilst the show has been a massive success for the region and its people, it hasn’t come without its challenges, with cast members and production crew going down with illness.

“It’s certainly been a bit tougher than pre pandemic theatre, especially due to people going down with illness and dropping like flies,” Mr Greenwood said.

“Whilst it’s meant more running around and extra training for new casting and creative roles, our Geelong team have been absolutely amazing with their flexibility and adaptability.”

Many creatives and cast members were from Geelong and neighbouring areas.


The epic tale of broken dreams, passion, and redemption is the world’s longest running musical and CentreStage hopes that the positive feedback from the show will continue to build upon the region’s push to secure more big productions like this in the near future.

The amateur musical theatre company hopes that by doing so, theatre-lovers will no longer have to go to Melbourne to catch the next big productions, rather having it on their doorstep at our amazing venues in Geelong.