Local bakery number one

November 19, 2020 BY

Meat and pastry lords. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

ROLLING Pin Bakery in Ocean Grove, Queenscliff and Leopold has achieved its biggest ever win at the 31st Official Great Aussie Pie Competition.

Success is not new to the bakery with a swag of medals across various categories in the two national pie competitions.

Despite this success, it is widely understood that the plain beef pie is the backbone of any proud bakery. One must walk before they run.

However, until now success in the Best Plain Pie category had alluded the Rolling Pin Team in this competition. This year winning a gold medal to join 13 others across other categories.

A closer look at the story  behind the now immortalised Jumbo Chunky Beef pie, reveals a harrowing tale of ups and downs.

“We released the pie in 2012 and could hardly sell one, so we stopped making them.”

Mr Williams reconsidered the pie when the two main competitions included chunky beef pie options in their plain beef category, provided that it followed the basic criteria.

“Essentially all that you have in a plain pie is onion, meat and seasoning.” He said.

“Then in 2013 we decided to give it another go and that year won Australia’s best pie in the other competition”

However, it is the Official Great Aussie Pie Competition, now in its 31st year, that Mr Williams considers to be the ultimate honour.

“It has been runner up twice, including last year,” he said.

“It’s a nerve-racking time, competition time, there have been 8 or 10 bakeries that are sitting right at the top. But this is the won to win.”

The future is looking bright with their apprentice Hayden Telehin winning a gold medal in the apprentice plain beef category and being judged second overall.

“He is actually making all the pastry for our competition pies already, he has learnt quick and has an eye for detail.”

And does an award-winning baker use tomato sauce or are they a purest?

“100% purest,” Mr Williams said.

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