Local gardens to receive extra love

March 2, 2024 BY

City of Greater Geelong councillors Belinda Moloney (second from left) and Ron Nelson (fourth from left) with Grovedale Community Garden Inc. members. Photo: SUPPLIED

THREE Geelong-based community gardens will receive important rejuvenations thanks to the City of Greater Geelong’s latest round of Community Infrastructure Grants.

The city will provide more than $200,000 to at least three community gardens this year, Grovedale Community garden, Chilwell Community Garden, and Murnong Community Garden.

“The city understands the invaluable role these gardens play in enriching neighbourhoods and strengthening community bonds,” the city stated.

“That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our support for community gardens through our 2023-24 Community Infrastructure Grants program.”

Grovedale Community Garden Inc. in Heyers Road will receive $53,600 to revitalise its infrastructure, including the replacement of an old shed and addition of extra tool storage.

Chilwell Community Garden Inc in Claremont Park, Newtown has been approved for a grant of $69,300 to enhance their facilities.

The garden will receive essential upgrades such as water connection, fence construction, and the installation of a shed with a roof and veranda.

Murnong Community Garden Inc in North Geelong will receive $94,000 to invest in new infrastructure, which will enable the garden to expand and better serve the needs of the community.

“Community gardens offer a plethora of benefits to individuals and neighbourhoods alike,” the city stated,

“They serve as gathering places where people from diverse backgrounds come together to cultivate friendships, learn new skills, and share knowledge.

“Additionally, these green spaces provide opportunities for individuals to grow their own nutritious produce, promoting healthier lifestyles and food security within communities.”

A full list of recipients from the 2023-24 Community Infrastructure Grants can be found HERE.