Local gym to host national powerlifting competition

May 16, 2024 BY

50 competitors will take part in the National Powerlifting Championships at Strong Geelong. Photos: JOUSHUA J ROBERTS

IN A FIRST for the region, some of the country’s strongest athletes will arrive in Geelong this Sunday, May 19 for the Australian Powerlifting League (APL) Nationals.

The National Powerlifting Championships will be hosted by Strong Geelong, with 50 competitors to take part.

Strong Geelong co-manager Kelly Batterham said the organisation was excited to be chosen to host the competition and it would be one of the coolest things the gym has done.

“Down here in Vic, we definitely don’t see as many national events, so it’s a really exciting opportunity for our gym.

“There’s going to be someone squatting over 400 kilos, which is just monstrous.”

Athletes must compete in a local or state competition and receive an invite to the event to be able to participate.


Powerlifting is a form of weightlifting where the athletes perform their maximum squat, bench press and deadlift, with three attempts at each lift.

For athletes to qualify for the national event, they must first compete in a local or state competition before being invited.

Ms Batterham said powerlifting in Australia had several federations, with the APL being the fastest-growing in Australia.

“Different federations tend to allow different things, and this is the one fed that covers all bases and lets people with all different equipment and backgrounds come and compete in different levels of competition.”

Competitors will perform their maximum squat, bench press and deadlift.


Strong Geelong is going all out for the event and is looking forward to showcasing their gym.

Ms Batterham said seeing some of the top athletes and biggest names in the sport walk through the doors would be a highlight.

“I’m just really excited to show the wider community in Geelong what powerlifting actually is and how anyone can do it.”

“Also, put on a bit of a show for the locals because it’s an incredible sport to get into and it’s highly individual.”

Spectators are welcome to attend the event, with Ms Batterham hoping more people will gain an understanding of the sport.

“It’s a different day out watching sport to what people are used to, it’s a bit louder, it’s a bit more exciting, but I think it’s going to show people just how cool it is.”

For more information, head to stronggeelong.com