Metricon staff help local families in need

June 15, 2021 BY

Members of the local Metricon team volunteered with Geelong Mums, helping to sort, bundle and pack toys, clothing and books.

MEMBERS of the local Metricon team volunteered last week with Geelong Mums, helping to sort, bundle and pack toys, clothing and books for children in need.

It was the second time this year the home builder has answered the call for the region’s businesses to participate in Geelong Mums workplace volunteering program.

Fifteen team members took part on both occasions and there is a wait list of more who are looking forward to the opportunity to give back to their local community.

Metricon senior office administrator, Tess Harris, was one of the Metricon team who volunteered last week.

“Volunteering at Geelong Mums was an amazing experience for our team,” she said.

“Not only did it gift us time to connect outside the office, but it also opened our eyes to the harsh realities of many families in our own community.

“I was not aware of how many inspiring organisations are supported by Geelong Mums and it was a real privilege to help out.”

Metricon gifts staff two days of paid volunteer leave each year, empowering them to use their work time to give back to the community.

More than 250 Metricon staff across Australia have volunteered their time in the first few months of 2021.

“It’s something we’re particularly proud of given how busy everyone is delivering our building program,” Ms Harris said.

“This reflects how important giving back is to our people, and how passionate they are about supporting causes in their local community.”

Geelong Mums teams up with many vital organisations around Victoria to help as many families as they possibly can.

They provide about 500 clothing packs per month to help out those in need.

The workplace volunteering program at the local not-for-profit organisation – the only program of its kind in the region – not only enables workplaces to learn more about the vital role Geelong Mums plays in assisting disadvantaged families, but also offers businesses the opportunity for their staff to come together as a team and work collaboratively.

For more information about Metricon and its charitable partnerships, head to their website.

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