No holding back for Justine Martin

March 7, 2024 BY

Justine Martin runs seven businesses under her Corportation offering a range of services to assist others living with a disability. Photo: GOLDEN FRAME PRODUCTIONS

GEELONG’S Justine Martin was told she would never work again – now she is running seven businesses and is a multi-award winner.

She has faced several serious and traumatic health events including three heart surgeries, two blood conditions, three primary cancers, and a multiple sclerosis diagnosis.

Ms Martin has not let any of this hold her back and made her entry into the business world with Juzt Art in 2013, selling her artwork on commission.

All seven of her businesses come under the Justine Martin Corporation, helping and supporting others living with a disability.

The corporation offers a range of services, including resilience coaching, publishing, gardening and cleaning, and keynote speaking.

Ms Martin tells her story at events all over the world, giving other people hope.

“I go out telling my story, helping people or entering awards to show others that things are still possible, despite the adversities that you face or what you’ve been told,” she said.

“If I sat and thought about everything that has gone wrong in my life and everything that I faced, then I’d probably be sitting in the corner rocking, but this gives me purpose.”

Justine Martin Speaker is one of the businesses under the corporation, where she delivers keynote speeches around the world. Photo: SUPPLIED


Ms Martin was told she should find a hobby as she would have a lot of time on her hands.

“I went off and I learnt how to paint and draw, it turns out that I’m pretty good because I’ve won over 40 awards in the industry.”

Since 2021, she has been nominated for more than 40 awards, winning more than 15, including Business Leader of the Year at last year’s Geelong Business Excellence Awards.

She has recently been named as a finalist in the prestigious Australian Small Business Champion Award, which will be announced next month.

Ms Martin said one of the highlights in her work is seeing the smile on participants’ faces when they achieve a goal.

“To know that I’m making a difference in somebody else’s life is huge.”

The Justine Martin Corporation is hosting an open day tomorrow (Saturday, March 9), at 125 Barwarree Road, Marshall, where people can see what the corporation offers and ask questions