Having a plan in place crucial for summer period

January 14, 2021 BY

Geelong Regional Libraries is offering a program to help people best prepare in the case of emergency

GEELONG Regional Libraries (GRL) will host an online event to help people get their homes disaster ready.

The Disaster Preparedness at Home program is provided to help participants plan for an emergency and is guided by the relevant emergency authorities and run by a dedicated, but not qualified in the emergency field, Geelong Regional Libraries staff member.

One of the GRL staff members who will run the online program on January 18, John Mitchell, said it was hugely important to have a thought out plan that can be easily carried out if an emergency situation ever arises.

“Natural disasters can threaten lives and property and the old adage ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’ holds true here,” Mr Mitchell said.

“When confronted with a threat, our brains can respond instinctively, not logically, to a situation.

“Developing an emergency plan means you can think it all through beforehand and goes a long way towards keeping ourselves, our families and our homes safe.”

Mr Mitchell encouraged people in disaster-prone areas to attend the session.

Those who live along the coast are recommended to have a plan in place to best protect their family and residence in the possible event of a bushfire as we enter the heart of summer.

“With predictions that climate change will increase the severity and frequency of natural disasters, and with the bushfire season upon us, I would definitely recommend that anyone who lives in a disaster prone area develops an emergency plan and attends our online Disaster Preparedness at Home session,” he said.

The program has been run a few times before and is often tailored to the specific circumstances of those who attend.

Mr Mitchell said people often have a rough idea of what they would do, but it’s critical to have a clear process laid out.

“We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from the sessions,” he said.

“A few people have said that they had an idea of how to react, but it is a good to have a logical process to go through so nothing important gets missed.”

To make a booking, head to https://events.grlc.vic.gov.au/event/4695716

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