Search for unknown artist continues

November 12, 2020 BY

Do you know who painted these? PHOTO: SUPPLIED

A DIFFERENT kind of whodunnit has emerged in the Geelong arts community as Geelong Arts Centre packs up to prepare for the development of their Malop Street site.

With the new Arts Centre to be finished in 2023, staff have packed away hordes of priceless art and during the process two uncredited paintings were found.

The paintings had been kept in a central location for many years and now the arts centre is on the hunt for the artists responsible with staff reaching out to past managers for information.

“We’ve spoken to general managers all the way back to one starting in 1981, the paintings were there when he started, so they’re going back some time,” communications manager Samantha Krajina said.

“We had Jason Smith from Geelong Gallery come to have a look, but there is no signature or markings.

“We’ve had Colin Mockett a local historian in, but he doesn’t know either.”

Geelong Arts Centre has posted images of the paintings online to widen the search, however it has brought with it community critique.

“Some of the commentary on social media has been entertaining. Someone commented and said ‘you should check with the childcare centres’,” Ms Krajina said.

The paintings, set on large canvases splattered with moody blue and red paint, had become part of the furniture, so to speak.

According to Ms Krajina, the only clue leads to a dead end.

“There was an envelope stapled to the back of the canvas, which likely had the information. But the envelope was empty,” she said.

The search for the unknown artist continues. Please contact Geelong Arts Centre with any information you may have.


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