South Barwon boasts three father-son combinations in first grade

November 19, 2020 BY

It was a memorable day for South Barwon as three father-son combinations stepped out in the first division. (L-R) Oliver Peake, Clinton Peake, Bill Dixon, Nick Dixon, Brad Hauenstein, Harry Hauenstein. PHOTO: Supplied

IT IS NOT uncommon to have father-son combinations within a cricket team, but to have three, and in the first grade – that is quite a feat.

But that is what happened for South Barwon on the weekend in a memorable day for the club. Brad and Harry Hauenstein, Clinton and Oliver Peake, Bill Dixon (coach) and Nick Dixon were part of a South Barwon side that enjoyed a victory over St Joseph’s to mark the occasion.

Clinton Peake, who has played a lot of third grade cricket with Oliver, said it was a special experience to play alongside his son but even more so to do it at the club’s top level.

“It doesn’t happen all the time, in some respects the grade doesn’t matter but to have it at that level was great.

“It’s been a few years in the making… (but) it’s purely on merit, so it just happened to be this week.

“They’re not gifted a cap, they’re expected to perform.

“They were genuinely part of it; from the point of view as a father, that makes you incredibly proud – that not only you, but the club, thinks he’s good enough.” The great contributions some of the youngsters made reinforced Peake’s comments.

Harry Hauenstein took three wickets then made an unbeaten 40 to guide the side to victory.

“It was really nice, the kids give us a lot of run and fielding intensity,” Peake said.

“You’ve got to give the club lots of credit, they’ve embraced all the people trying to make the club successful and given the opportunity.”

He said having young players earn their place in the first XI and taste success, paved the way for other youth at the club to show there were no ceilings on their potential.

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