Western Money Fair to cash in at Belmont

June 15, 2024 BY

Geelong Numismatic Society members Vicky Boekamp, secretary Gerland Bell, Harry Horsey and president Philip Richards in front of Belmont Uniting Church. INSET: Geelong Numismatic Society president Philip Richards says new members are always welcome. Photos: VINNIE VAN OORSCHOT.

The best and most exclusive coins on offer in western Victoria will be on display at Belmont Uniting Church later this month at the next Western Money Fair.

Hosted by the Geelong Numismatic Society, the event will showcase hundreds of thousands of coins to fairgoers on June 22.

Geelong Numismatic Society president Philip Richards said the fair took place in Geelong three times a year which remain the organisation’s biggest days of the year.

***INSET*** Geelong Numismatic Society president Philip Richards says new members are always welcome.


“We hold three of the fairs here in Geelong each year and they are always massive events for us a group.

“It’s an all-day event for the society and we require all of our volunteers to assist in making it possible, not only on the day, but the day before as well.

“We have all of our club members coming in as well as dealers as well. The church will also be hosting its annual book fair on the same day too, so it’ll be a great family day out.”

Mr Richards says the fair also provided the Geelong Numismatic Society with a great opportunity to give back to the community, often donating event proceeds to local non-profits.

The Western Money Fair was first hosted in 2019 and is held bi-monthly in various locations such as Geelong, Werribee and Kensington.

Next Saturday’s event will run from 9am to 2pm.

Geelong Numismatic Society was first formed in 1965, with the group to celebrate its 60-year milestone in February of next year.

“The group really is a big family,” Mr Richards said.

“We all collect something a little bit different in genres of coins, but when we’re together we all talk the same language, and we help each other out.

“It’s all a win-win situation of joining Geelong Numismatic.”

Anyone interested in joining the Geelong Numismatic Society can do so by reaching out through the Western Money Fair Facebook page or by attending the group’s monthly meeting, which is held at Belmont Uniting Church on the fourth Friday of every month from 7pm.