An unlikely pairing proves successful for the Surf Coast

January 27, 2022 BY

Geelong Property Hub co-director Megan Rovers.

Armed with an innovative solution and an industry-leading concept, bolstered by a peerless exuberance, an unlikely assemblage of Surf Coast professionals are set to unleash a contemporary shake-up of the Geelong marketplace.

Presenting an unusual pairing between; building, conveyancing, finance, development and real estate, sees a collective and communicative approach to what’s often classified as a clunky, non-transparent process. Unveiling in the form of Geelong Property Hub, the innovative approach hopes to present a clean, smooth process for those seeking an alternative to the more traditional format.

Geelong Property Hub is the result of a long-standing and vibrant passion for the property industry for both Co-Directors and long-standing friends, Megan Rovers and Andrew King. Determined to deliver on their ambitious dream-like concept of collaboration with local professionals in order to streamline the property journey, Geelong Property Hub is the name representative of Property Hub Build, Property Hub Conveyancing, Property Hub Finance, and Property Hub Project Marketing coupled with Armstrong Real Estate and Oslo Property.

Offering transparent systems, customised service and professional advisory, Geelong Property Hub provides an innovative approach, combining their industry-leading ecosystem of tech with their youthful energy and solution-based mentality to successfully elevate their client’s property experience.

“Right from the outset, I’ve had a vision to collaborate with industry leaders to provide an end-to-end property experience, to ensure what can be a stressful, timely and costly exercise, is in fact, streamlined and enjoyable,” Ms Rovers said.

“Whether you’re buying land, building, selling, leasing, refinancing or developing, the Geelong Property Hub is your complete property solution, providing professional and well-informed information at every step.

“Both Armstrong Real Estate and Oslo Property have an intelligent and unique business structure, whereby a high premise is placed on collaboration within our immediate teams.

“Everyone is of equal importance, regardless of your department, and encouraged to co-exist and cross-train where necessary, which has ultimately resulted in a deeper level of education for our clients. I truly am excited to see what the future holds for Geelong Property Hub.

“Curating this from the outset was a delicate process, but one we feel so proud to have achieved. I truly believe it was our initial business philosophy and unique set-up which has encouraged other brands to engage with our pretty ‘left of field’ idea.”

Based in Armstrong Creek, you can find Geelong Property Hub and their array of property offerings, throughout the immediate and surrounding Geelong landscape
For more details on Geelong Property Hub and their complete property solution, head to geelongpropertyhub.com.au.