Bellarine Property: Exclusive agency, exclusive service

March 12, 2020 BY

Bellarine Property's Christian Bartley.

MANY vendors think that the best way to market their property is to list it with as many agents as possible.

The logic is simple – more agents equal more exposure, right?

“Not necessarily,” Bellarine Property managing director Christian Bartley said.

“Listing with lots of agents sounds good in theory, but in practice it doesn’t always result in a faster or better sale.

“Agents can’t afford to spend time and money co-ordinating a tailor-made marketing program if the property could end up being sold by another agent through sheer fluke.

“The same work done on an exclusive listing will usually result in win/win situation for everyone concerned.”

He said that in the case of open listing, sales occurred more by good luck than good management.

“Many vendors report that after unsuccessful experiences with open listings they find out by trial and error that they are better off with an exclusive agency with a professional, active agent.
“It’s only natural that agents will be more energetic on behalf of their own exclusive listings.”

Mr Bartley said exclusive agency meant a vendor knew someone was accountable.

“Who is ultimately responsible for the property being left secure or everyday instructions about pets or curtains, let alone why the property isn’t selling?”

According to Mr Bartley, the important thing is to choose the right agent in the first place.

“Make sure you compare all the services an agent has to offer and ask for the submission in writing.”

He said it was worth noting a word-of-mouth recommendation from someone whose opinions you respected.

“In the end, weigh up all the information and go with your gut feeling.

“If you have done your homework, you should be able to sit back and look forward to first class service.”

For further information, phone Christian Bartley on 0410 695 325, email [email protected] or head to

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