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September 10, 2020 BY

Enso Homes is all about customer service and making the experience
of building a new home as easy as possible.

Their slogan – marrying design with affordability – pretty much sums it up.
They offer clever, appealing, modern designs that meet the needs of everyday
demands, at a very affordable price.

Newly appointed general manager Matt Betts says Enso is an entirely
different construction business because of its focus on people and culture.

“Enso Homes was founded by Lee and Holly Selkrig and their approach to people, life and building dream homes is absolutely unique to our sector. It’s why
we are receiving glowing testimonials from customers like Luke and Courtney.”

Enso Homes strives to provide home designs that have architectural merit,
outstanding customer service and a quality build, all at an affordable price.
“We don’t hide costs, you know up front what you’re paying for, and this
has such a positive impact on how customers view us, and why they ultimately engage with us,” Mr Betts said.

It is unusual for the founding director to get involved in the customer’s journey,
but that’s exactly what Lee Selkrig does.

“It’s something that customers absolutely love and value. He is invested
in every customer, for the duration of the process, as they have entrusted his
business with not only their money, but their dream,” Betts said.

Mr Selkrig said Enso Homes was not about upselling.

“We have a very honest approach in our meetings, advising customers on
practicalities as opposed to luxuries. We are not in the business of selling dreams only to burst the bubble once the pricing is done and this has been key to
recent success.”

Enso Homes do have design principles; however, they understand
that their floorplans might not work for everyone. That’s why they not only offer
outstanding standard floor plans, but their ‘make ours yours’ approach as well
as full custom homes where you meet with the architect to explore and design
something that’s exclusively yours.

“Our focus is on developing strong relationships with our customers,
putting them at ease during the initial consultation and ensuring that they
enjoy the process of building with us” Betts said.

“If we do that well, we will see a greater number of referrals and lots of happy

Enso’s approach is rare in the new home sector and that is extremely

The process for the customer is tailored and led from the top. With a
very hands on approach you can expect to be guided and looked after every step
of the way.

To learn more about Enso Home’s head to or
phone 5240 9300.

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