From the REIV CEO, July 9

July 9, 2020 BY

The REIV is calling on all real estate agencies in the lockdown-affected areas of Melbourne and elsewhere to revert to holding online auctions and online inspections.

The yo-yo of coronavirus restrictions continues in Victoria, the real estate sector is hoping to avoid another wave sweeping across the state, but we remain ready to comply.

I have been incredibly proud of how resilient and proactive the real estate sector has been during the COVID-19 crisis.
Auctions and real estate inspections will now revert to being held online only in Melbourne’s 10 COVID-19 hotspots.
The Victorian real estate sector is a flexible, innovative, and resourceful industry capable of dealing with any problem.
The Victorian government on Monday announced that in light of rising cases of coronavirus, 10 suburbs with the highest amount of incidents would be shutdown.
The REIV is calling on all real estate agencies in the affected area to revert to holding online auctions and online inspections.
Any return of restrictions is frustrating for all involved, but real estate is prepared to do anything required of it to help curb COVID-19.
As the threat of coronavirus continues to escalate, it is crucial agents continue to review their work practices and monitor the advice daily.
Real estate agencies are well prepared for doing their business online having already gone through stage 3 restrictions earlier this year without any major setbacks.
Local agents have turned to technology to satisfy the high demand in Victorian real estate, with virtual reality inspections, and transactions conducted over the phone and electronic document signing over the internet becoming commonplace.
The REIV will be on hand to help agencies in the impacted area prepare for a return to online auctions and inspections.
With interest in Victorian property remaining strong, real estate agents will be doing their best to meet the needs of their customers safely.”
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