Yes, you can move home during lockdown

July 16, 2020 BY

The state government has confirmed to the REIV that the process of obtaining property will carry on.

REIV president Leah Calnan has welcomed clarification from the state government that a person living outside of a restricted area can inspect a home inside a restricted area, and vice versa.

Many REIV members were left confused following the state government’s decision to enforce Stage 3 restrictions in metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire and not regional Victoria, with many concerned about how this would impact people wanting to buy or rent in both the restricted and unrestricted areas.
The REIV reached out to the state government and received confirmation that a person living in a restricted area can attend a private inspection of a home in a non-restricted area.
A person from a non-restricted zone can also travel into the restricted area to attend a private inspection of a home.
Ms Calnan welcomed this clarification, saying it would help keep the real estate market open and provide people with the opportunity to secure a place to live.
It is important all stakeholders understand that a resident of a restricted area must not attend an open house or an auction, they can only participate in an online auction.
“Housing is an essential service, and we are relieved that people are able to travel within the state to inspect a property that may wish to rent or purchase,” Ms Calnan said.
“The state government has confirmed to the REIV that the process of obtaining property will carry on, a buyer from Wodonga can travel to Melbourne to privately inspect a unit in St Kilda, while a person from Footscray can do the same in Ballarat.”
“The risk of COVID-19 remains strong, and real estate agents will be undertaking strict protocols to ensure that a person from outside a zone is able to inspect a property privately and safely.”
“A person can still move home during the lockdown; even if it involves travelling into a different region.”

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