Adventure, play and nature discovery: Get the kids outdoors creating memories this summer

December 15, 2023 BY

Learning through play is fun and engaging for children of all ages.

THE Y Anglesea Discovery Camp has a focus on getting young people outdoors learning, challenging their comfort zones and connecting with the natural world around them.

Adventure is a stepping stone for a lifestyle that fosters connection with people and places and affords positive wellbeing while the outdoors is a tool for authentic learning and growth across the ages.

Regardless of age, learning through play is fun and engaging. Children and young people taking part in the camp are able to safely explore, imagine and create while making sense of the world around them.

When children who play outdoors, they connect to their environment and learn about weather, flora and fauna and weed species.

They become socially competent, independent and also learn to love and look after the natural environment. Plus, being outside, making friends, and having fun is great for our physical and mental health so why not join the Y Anglesea Discovery Camp these holidays or during the term.

The camp has options for your young people to try new things, learn and stay connected both in single school holiday sessions and in term-based programs. This summer’s sessions includes several school holiday options across the weeks on selected days, so there is something to inspire all young people to get active and inspired in our local area.

The Kids Go Bush Team runs Forest Skills which focuses on bushcraft skill development, environmental awareness and support a youth led philosophy under the guidance of our passionate trained staff. From Raft building and Yabbying to survival skills and nature crafting the creative possibilities are endless.

During the term, our team runs drop off Forest Skills programs for independent learners wanting to leap into independent outdoor play on a weekly basis.

With sessions from age 4 to 9 years and 8 to 15 across the week.

Bookings are now open for YMCA’s Term 2 and Holiday Programs.


Forest skills learners are immersed in interest based outdoor learning, including cubby building, tree climbing, zip line, nature weaving/craft, bushcraft tools, whittling,

bush cooking, survival and camping skills plus loads more outdoor fun.

The day starts as a community and is led by the young people, allowing time to be immersed and inspired in the bush.

A child focused and unscheduled timeframe throughout the day allows development of real life skills, learning by doing, and focus on initiative, creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking.

The team is also running two Family Nature Play events for early years ages and siblings.

These are great one-off events for the whole family to connect with others and spend time outdoors. The single sessions are a great introduction to our term based Bush Playgroups which operate every day of the week.

The Camp Program Team is running Schools Out program in both weeks of the holiday.

Young people age 6 to 14 will experience three adventurous camp activities over the day. These may include vertical climb, mountain bike, bouldering, archery or the Giant Swing.

The Program Team is all about fun but also promoting social and personal growth skills in young people as they expand comfort zones and try new skills.

Bookings now open for Term 2 and Holiday Programs via ymcavic.venue360.me/public/events/homepage

For further information, phone YMCA Anglesea Recreation Camp on 52631512, or head to Facebook and Instagram @YMCA Kids Go Bush. @Anglesea Discovery Camp.

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