Make summer memories at Next Level Skirmish

December 15, 2021 BY

Book in at Next Level Skirmish for an endorphin rush and fun with family and friends.

COVID has affected millions of businesses and Next Level Skirmish was one. In danger of closing down, local businesswoman and director of The CEO Institute Geelong, Amanda Bennetts, stepped in and bought the business, saving the jobs of remaining employees and creating more.

“With so much going wrong in 2020-21, I just had to do something and keeping such a fun activity in the region has turned out to be the best decision I’ve made,” she said.

Amanda didn’t play Skirmish until she had owned the business for over a month. When she finally did play, she realised it’s fun for kids and the whole family gets enjoyment from it.

“There’s not many activities I can do with my kids that I enjoy just as much as they do,” she said.

“There is something satisfying about chasing your kids around and shooting at them. That must be why the mums who play tend to enjoy as much as the kids.

“We have had four-year-olds to 94-year-olds play, and have a great time.

There is plenty fun to be had at Next Level Skirmish this summer.


“It’s one activity that every age group has an advantage – kids are fast and hide well and adults are better at strategy.”

Amanda said that when many families arrive the kids are excited to play, but parents look a bit worn out and teenagers are looking at their phones and not really a part of the fun.

But by the end parents are energised and the whole family is connecting, laughing and engaging with each other.

She said many hang around afterwards, chatting with each other and other players.

“The happiness resulting from running around shooting each other in a junk yard, is what we all need now.”

Jarrod explains why players have so much fun: “When the gun reports in a deep powerful voice “casualty”, meaning you have made a kill and the victim has to go back to their med box to “resporn” and get back in the game there is a real endorphin rush that makes you feel amazing. It’s a bit addictive.”

Along with saving jobs, Amanda is giving away free birthday parties. Why? Because too many kids missed out on their birthday parties due to COVID.

When booking for 10-plus people to play, you are eligible for a free party valued at $230-plus.

For more information head to NextLevelSkirmish.com.au.

Don’t miss out on the adventure that is likely to be one of the best experiences you have this summer.

Book online, come and play the best sport in the world and bring your friends – the more players, the more kills.