Get the job done with Kubota’s tractors and utility vehicles

January 14, 2022 BY

Kubota's RTV range makes travelling off-road easy with heavy-duty suspension systems and supreme driver comfort.

PULL the work boots on this summer and knock off your to-do list with Kubota’s versatile lifestyle equipment including utility vehicles, tractors and mowers.

Kubota’s compact tractor range is renowned for their outstanding performance.

Ranging from 18HP to 46HP the Kubota compact tractor range is equipped with high-quality Kubota engines and transmissions to deliver the extra durability and reliability that farm work demands.

Kubota Australia product manager for agriculture Mark Basile said the entry level BX series tractors are perfectly suited to lifestyle property blocks, with the ability to quickly attach and detach a mower deck, front end loader, backhoe, or any other small three-point linkage implement, while the B series range offers increased engine power and a three-range hydrostatic transmission.

“The BX and B series are the ideal range for the operator who wants an efficient tractor capable of performing a wide variety of tasks,” Mr Basile said.

The operator space in both the BX and B-Series is large and comfortable, allowing for easy mounting and dismounting from the tractor, with all controls and indicators conveniently positioned and colour coded levers for fast recognition.

For those with bigger projects to tackle, the mid-sized L-Series offers a general purpose, mid-sized tractor that is durable, comfortable and high performing.

“No matter the scale of your property – whether you’re mowing, slashing, removing trees or building fire breaks – Kubota’s tractors are excellent choices for durability, versatility and comfort.”

Kubota’s RTV range makes travelling off-road easy with heavy-duty suspension systems and supreme driver comfort.

Unique to the utility vehicle market, the RTV’s Variable Hydrostatic Transmission (VHT) provides exceptional performance on any terrain with smooth and powerful acceleration. Low-speed driving across hilly terrain is a breeze thanks to dynamic braking control, offering great traction and safety.

“Our quiet and reliable Kubota petrol and diesel engines have always been a strong selling feature for the RTV range, and the ergonomic operator station means that you’ll be driving in comfort, no matter where you take it.”

With summer hitting its stride, keeping a manicured lawn is front of mind for many.

Ensuring the yard is looking trim has never been easier, thanks to Kubota’s range of fuel-efficient and powerful mowers.

Whether it’s a ride on model or a zero turn, Kubota’s comfortable and economic mowers have the cutting power to remove even the hardiest growth, while keeping fuel use to a minimum.

“Our mowers combine robust performance with manoeuvrability and comfort, ensuring that mowing is a pleasure, not a chore,” Mr Basile said.
“The Kubota T series provides a premium ride-on option to create perfect lawns in residential areas whereas the GR Series four-wheel drive can tackle rolling terrain and hills with confidence.

“To cut down mowing times with exceptional manoeuvrability, the Kubota Z series features a wide range of zero turn mowers that combine comfort with superior performance.

“We also have a great range of self-propelled mower options that will give a great cut with low maintenance, year in and year out.”
For more information visit your nearest dealer or head to kubota.com.au