Inclusiveness for Surf Coast Seniors

December 8, 2021 BY

Country to Coast Home Care Services provides high-quality home care service for locals.

Country to Coast Home Care Services is owned by Anglesea resident Lucy Lincoln and has been appointed as an approved provider of home care packages by the Department of Health for the Surf Coast area.

Ms Lincoln has created a high-quality home care service for locals and manages the business to create local jobs as well as a sense of inclusiveness, so all feel welcome.

The business has a strong commitment to exceptional client care and a significant commitment to staff on the ground who are spending time helping our older generation stay comfortable and connected in their retirement.

“If staff are supported, included and in a happy team, they are much more likely to stay on long term and perform exceptionally well in their roles,” Ms Lincoln said.

“We are actively creating an environment of inclusion where we value our diversity and embrace differences.

“To actively foster a connected, safe and respectful community where both clients and staff feel welcome allows everyone to feel included and be part of our Surf Coast community.”

By employing local people who care about the safety and health of our older generation, the team works in a way that reduces the effects of a fragmented aged care system and can make a real difference to people.

Clients get to continue being part of the area where they have lived for a long time, along with a philosophy of ‘all are welcome’ so people are supported in their wishes regardless of their sexuality, nationality, or religious beliefs.

“We pride ourselves on how well we look after our clients – and each other as a team – and will always continue to nurture our community impact as a business and as residents ourselves,” Ms Lincoln said.

“We strive for our overall contribution to be positive, helpful and suited to seniors on the Surf Coast.”

Country to Coast Home Care Services has a highly-qualified and experienced team of local Division 1 Nurses and other specialists delivering support to its community seven days a week, and are always looking for qualified staff to add to their team.

For more information, please visit ctchomecare.com.au or call 5263 1567.

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