On-the-job training: A great way to earn and learn

June 2, 2022 BY

The Curlewis Golf Club is one organisation taking part on The Gordon's traineeship program.

WITH an abundance of career opportunities in the hospitality industry, The Gordon’s hospitality traineeships are supporting local businesses to find and nurture home grown talent.

Traineeships are delivered in the workplace similar to an apprenticeship. For trainees such as Michelle Grinter, they learn on the job with workplace mentors sharing their expertise to advance their progress.

Their learning is supported with monthly visits from The Gordon’s hospitality teachers, who ensure course work is up to date and improvement is continuous.

“It really is a win-win for both employers and the trainees,” said Amanda Costanzo from The Gordon Culinary School.

“The restaurants and cafes boost their workforce and the students are earning whilst they learn.

“There are great government incentives out there too, covering 50 per cent of wages, so there has never been a better time to take on a hospitality trainee.

“We know staff shortages have impacted our region, so having staff trained on-site is really beneficial for employers. We can also customise training for each venue.

For example, Clariboux at Curlewis needs more refined dining skills, whereas our trainees at Flying Brick Cider House needs are more suited to casual dining.”

Lyndsay Sharp, owner of the Curlewis Golf Club Bellarine and Flying Brick Cider House, said: “The traineeship program in collaboration with The Gordon strengthens the hospitality industry and provides a positive pathway into a timely and rewarding career.”

Ms Grinter, who has taken up her traineeship at the Curlewis Golf Course Bellarine, said she always wanted to learn those extra hospitality skills you acquire through formalised training.

Andrew Percy and Michelle Grinter set tables in the Claribeaux restaurant at the Curlewis Golf Club.

“I really wanted to gain more fine dining skills. What you need to know in this industry is changing all the time, and so the traineeship I am halfway through allowed me to update my skills continually.

“I love my job. I’m learning all the time. The coursework is not onerous at all and the best thing about my job is the customers.

“Every morning, members come in for their morning coffee before they hit the course. It is a great place to work and the camaraderie, mentoring and support I get from the team is amazing.”

Andrew Percy watches as Nadine Hancock pours a beer.

Jamie Brigden, general manager of Curlews Golf Club Bellarine and The Range at Curlewis, said: “Traineeships offer more than just a job. They allow trainees to truly immerse themselves in the role, gain real hands-on training and all the while being mentored and guided by industry professionals.”

If you are interested in finding out more about hospitality traineeships or taking on a trainee, head to thegordon.edu.au.