the King of Rock and the Prince of Pop

June 2, 2022 BY

Mark Andrew is world-renowned for his performances as Elvis Presley.

The King of Rock & The Prince of Pop, a music hit-fest starring Marty Rhone as Cliff and Mark Andrew as Elvis, is heading to Geelong’s Costa Hall on June 18.

2022 marks the 45th anniversary of the premature passing of the King of Rock and Roll.

To acknowledge this most noteworthy milestone, an Australian music legend and one of the world’s most renowned Elvis performers have come together to honour rock royalty.

For more than a generation they were the two biggest rock stars on the planet. Today, generations later, they remain two of the biggest recording stars in music history with a combined total of more than 60 hits, many of which you will hear in this live audio-visual spectacular that pays tribute to a man who was, and still is, so big he is referred to as the King.

From the other side of the planet came a young good looker who idolised the King and was inspired to follow in his footsteps.

There is none better than Australian music legend Marty Rhone at singing Cliff Richard.

He became known as the Prince of Pop and was fittingly knighted by the Queen to become Sir Cliff Richard. He was England’s answer to Elvis, but the King had been crowned, so he became the Prince.

There is none better than Australian music legend Marty Rhone at singing Cliff and world-renowned Mark Andrew as Elvis to bring you this night of musical magic.

Every song performed is a mega-hit swathed in gold; a non-stop, mind blowing visual experience.

Both have performed all over the world and Mark as Elvis counts Priscilla, Lisa Marie and members of Elvis’s old team as personal friends.

The two singers have come together to honour rock royalty.

Nowhere have these two legends and their music been presented on the same stage together – until now, and yours is a front row seat for a musical event you will never forget.

You’ll hear Suspicious Minds, Viva Las Vegas, Jailhouse Rock, Devil Woman, Wired for Sound, Young One”, and a couple of bonus tracks called Denim & Lace and Mean Pair of Jeans.

Tickets available now for the performance on Saturday, June 18 at 8pm in Costa Hall at Deakin University’s Waterfront campus.

Head to geelongartscentre.org.au